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Surname: Militich
Christian Names: Yordan
Country: NZ
State or Province: Hawkes Bay
City or Town: Naiper
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: unknown
Service: Army
Case Notes:



Yordan Militch is an idiot!

Even he says so. The Army says so. And now the courts say so!

This ex Army corporal bought a swag of medals from an online trading site (Trade Me) and wore them to impress some school students who were told of his daring stories of his time in the SAS in war-torn Afghanistan.

Except Militich never left NZ once in the couple of years he served in the NZ Army.

For all his glory-stories, medal cheating and valour theft, Militich will now live forever in the world of the ANZMI, with the rest of the wannabe's and pond scum.

Militich 01


Yordan Militch admits he made a 'dumb mistake' claiming to be a former SAS soldier. He is a builder by trade.

'Idiot' builder made fake war hero claim"

He bought medals off Trade Me, pinned them to his chest - and made up elaborate tales about life as an SAS soldier.

Yordan Militch captivated crowds with stories of picking off the enemy as a sniper, and saving his mates from dangerous situations.

But his tall tales came to police attention after he spoke at an educational course in Hastings last year.

He admitted yesterday that he just got carried away.
"I thought I was something I wasn't, and that was it."

Militch wore six medals when he spoke at the Landmark Forum and described himself as one of the most decorated soldiers in New Zealand, the police summary presented to the Napier District Court said.

He described serving in Afghanistan and East Timor, and being deployed as a sniper.

He claimed he was awarded two medals for saving his mates, and the others recognised his peacekeeping efforts.

In reality, Militch is a family man living in a house he built on the Hawke's Bay coast.

He served in the artillery division of the Defence Force between 2002 and 2004 at Linton. He was never deployed overseas and did not serve with the SAS.

"I made a dumb mistake, and that was it," he told The Dominion Post yesterday.

He said the military had rung him up and called him an idiot. He agreed.
Militch appeared in court this week and pleaded guilty to breaching the Military Decorations and Distinctive Badges Act 1918. He was convicted, fined $300 and ordered to pay $150 court costs.

He said he wanted to apologise to everyone he had fooled, including students at Lindisfarne College a few years ago.

He was taking boot camps in Hawke's Bay at the time, and was recommended to the school as an inspiring speaker.

"At first he was very convincing, but some things didn't ring true," college rector Ken MacLeod said.

Militch told the school he was a sniper deployed overseas and at one point had Saddam Hussein in his sights. MacLeod became suspicious and contacted parents with military connections. He believed they passed on the suspicions to the Defence Force and the police.

Militch said his family were shocked to learn about his escapades but remained supportive.
- © Fairfax NZ News

We have also received a letter from the school where Militich chose to do his boasting:

Good Morning,

We have found a photo of Yordan wearing at least 9 medals however we feel that given his conviction and his apology to the College via the news media that further embarrassment for him from us is unwarranted. As a Christian School we feel that it is time to let him have a fresh start and for his family to not be embarrassed further.

Should the NZ Army formally make this request then we might reconsider.

Kind Regards,


(Name Witheld)
Lindisfarne College
New Zealand
PO Box 2341 Hastings

Surname: Miller
Christian Names: John Victor
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Narraweena
Service #: 28641
Service: RAN
Branch: Steward
Commencement of service: 11 Dec 45
Completion of service: 30 Jul 48
Case Notes:




John Victor Miller was issued with the prestigious Order of Australia medal (OAM) for "Service to World War Two Veterans particularly through the recognition of under-age servicemen". His whole efforts in this endeavour were based on the false premise that he was an underage World War Two (WW2) Veteran.

In the above photograph miller is wearing the following medals:

1939-1945 Star - No entitlement.
Pacific Star - No entitlement.
Defence Medal - No entitlement.
1939-1945 War Medal - No entitlement.
Australian Service Medal 1939-1945 - No entitlement.
Australian Service medal 1945-1975 with Japan Clasp - May be entitled.
Unofficial British Commonwealth Occupation Forces Medal-Self purchased tin
Norwegian Defence Medal 1940-1945 - No entitlement.

The medals he wears in the above photograph are based on his Merchant Navy Service and Royal Australian Navy Service on the vessels:

SS Sjobris.
HMAS Shropshire.
HMAS Australia.

The truth is that he had no Merchant Navy Service, and all of his RAN service was after WW2 had ended.

He "sold" his false war history to a prestigious Private School, who celebrate the service of genuine underage Servicemen who fought in WW2. Eventually historians at the School were able to establish that Miller was a fraud, liar and wannabe and have "sacked" him from the organisation he foundered.

Miller's autobiography is one of a courageous, patriotic youngster who went to war at thirteen years of age in a Naval Auxiliary Patrol in St Vincents Gulf, South Australia. He then served as a Gunner in the Merchant Navy on a Norwegian Merchant Ship. After serving on the armed Norwegian Merchant Ship, SS Sjobris he enlisted into the RAN and served on RAN war ships, HMAS Shropshire and HMAS Australia.

Here is what he said about wartime service in the Merchant Navy and the RAN

"Waiting until the Norwegian ship S.S. Sjobris had docked, he made his way up to the bridge and greeted Captain Hans Johanson with the salute of the year. “Sir, I am a well-trained Cadet seeking a position.” Needing additional crew and influenced by appearances rather than age, the skipper signed on Cadet Miller as a “Yungman.” The luck continued with a R.A.N. - D.E.M.S. gun crew arriving the following day; Leading Seaman Doug Harding and Able Seaman Jack Manning shouting out instructions as their 25-year-old Balfour four-inch was hoisted aboard the Sjobris. Within minutes he had been accepted as a gun crew member by Doug Harding"

"With the Pacific ‘island hopping’ it was realized what enormous casualties lay ahead, especially the invasion of Japan itself. There was no doubt the most serious of these threats would come from the Japanese air attack corps. Large numbers of Allied ships were already being sent to the bottom by Kamikaze suicidal crashes, and this would steadily increase. Selected gunnery personnel including 1st Class AA Gunner Miller were given specialized training to combat this threat, and utilizing the latest American technology, sent back to their ships. The HMAS Australia (a Kamikaze put her out of action for a period) and HMAS Shropshire, were two Cruisers which Able Seaman John Miller served on"

He also falsely described the tragic circumstances of the death of a crewmate.

"The gunnery experience under Doug’s guidance enabled an earlier than normal entry into the R.A.N. and while in training he had gone to the aid of a young indigenous lad from Bunbury, and since that unfortunate incident, Billy Crocker stuck to his rescuer like glue. A few days after arriving in New Guinea, Billy was blown up at Finschhafen and rushing to his sickbay bed, I found a very badly mutulated (sic) mate. Finding it impossible to hold the dismembered hand, the only option was to lean forward and try to reassure my friend. “It’s okay Billy, I’m here with you now.” Coming out of his semi-conscious state, the first faltering words were about his appearance “What do I look like, Dusty… how bad is my face?” My answer was not the best. “You’ll be okay Billy, they’re doing wonders with our pilots faces.” A dome-like contraption with lots of hot inner globes covered his body and the doctor after feeling a protruding foot, shook his head. Moments later there was a gurgling noise with black liquid streaming from his mouth; and my best friend had been lost."

The above is a despicable lie.

The truth is that Miller had no maritime service until he enlisted in the RAN aged Seventeen years and five months in December 1945, three months after the end of WW2. His first departure from Australian was aboard HMAS Shropshire in January 1947 when as an Ordinary Seaman, with the trade of Steward, he was a crew member when the Ship visited Japan and returned to Australia in March 1947.

Here is both sides of his Navy Service Record. Although faded his service history can be traced.

As far as service aboard the Norwegian armed Merchant Ship SS Sjobris is concerned, there is no record of Miller ever having served in the Merchant Navy, and in any case we have the entire Sailing schedule for that ship for the years 1940 until 1946. The Vessel arrived in Fremantle on 15 August 1942 from Karachi and sailed only in Australian waters until March 1946 when it departed for Hong Kong. Here is an example of its Sailing Schedule.

The lies proffered by Miller of his Naval service are indicative of a pathological liar who has put a lot of thought and planning into his deception.

He is a long term offender who over many years created a false service history to glorify himself. He has wallowed in the accolades from his deception and most likely received financial benefit. He has been awarded the Medal for the Order of Australia (OAM)on the basis of a huge lie. We and others have made representations to the Office of the Governor General to have his OAM rescinded.

Ronald Barry Larcombe is another Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) cheat.



The circle of retribution has turned for Miller.  The Order of Australia Medal  (OAM) that was presented to him by the Governor General has been rescinded.

Here is the media report:

Frauds and Wannabes are being exposed by ANZMI at the rate of six per month.  Those who indulge in stealing honour  from the Veteran community should be aware that eventually they will be caught and exposed.

If you are currently enjoying false kudos for fake Defence service, be prepared to suffer the ignominy of featuring on this web site.



Surname: Mitchell
Christian Names: Robert
Country: United Kingdom
State or Province: Devon
City or Town: Dartmouth
Case Notes:

Robert Mitchell


Robert Mitchell, a former British Royal Navy Commando is the Secretary of the Dartmouth, United Kingdom Branch, of the Royal Naval Association and he is a liar and a wannabe who wears false medals.

  The reason this “Pom” features on this Australian wannabe website is because he claims to have carried a bullet in his groin for forty years after clandestine operations on board Australian/New Zealand Gun Boats that were ordered upriver in Cambodia. He also claims to have been “Tagged” to an Australian Battalion in Vietnam.  Neither Australia nor New Zealand ever had Gun Boats deployed in Vietnam, nor were any British Commandos ever “Tagged” to Australian Battalions.



Now read the bizarre story behind Mitchell’s claims of being wounded and carrying a bullet in his groin for 40 years.




Mitchell is wearing four medals that he has described in this newspaper clipping.



The first medal Distinguished Service Medal

Mitchell claims to have been awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (DSM). He was never in Vietnam as he claims, and therefore his DSM is a dishonourable lie. Here is information about DSM awards:

Every DSM award has to be published in the London Gazette – even for covert operations. Nobody named Robert Mitchell has been Gazetted. Twenty One DSMs have been Gazetted since the 2nd World War. These are:

Two for Royal Navy awarded for service in Brunei and Borneo

One for Royal New Zealand Navy awarded for service in Borneo

Four for Royal Australian Navy for service in Vietnam

Twelve British Servicemen for service in The Falklands

Two British Servicemen for service in the Gulf war.

The second medal is the British General Service Medal 1962 (GSM) with two clasps

Mitchell claims the GSM as the Vietnam Campaign medal. The GSM with clasp Vietnam was awarded to Sixty Eight Australian soldiers who were members of the elite Australian Army Training Team AATTV who served in Vietnam between 1962 and 1964. After 1964 Australian Servicemen were issued with the Vietnam Campaign Medal.  Mitchell has not earned the GSM with clasp Vietnam because he was not there and therefore is wearing it dishonourably.

The third medal St Johns Ambulance Medal

This is not a medal issued for Military Service it is for service as a civilian with St Johns Ambulance Brigade.

The Fourth Medal New Zealand Australian Campaign Medal

Not an official medal, it is a self purchased Commemorative “Tin” Medal with no significance and should not be worn.

The Bullet

In another newspaper report a spokesperson for the Torbay Hospital, where Mitchell was operated on, denied having removed a bullet.  See here:


Mitchell is a liar who created a false heroic military history that involved him serving with Australian units in Vietnam.

Mitchell did not carry a bullet in his groin for forty years.

He did not have a bullet removed at the Torbay Hospital as claimed.

He did not go “Upriver” on Australian/New Zealand Gunboats.

He never served in Vietnam “tagged” to an Australian Battalion.

He was never awarded a DSM.

For fooling with Australian Military History and for creating a false military history for himself we are happy to include this despicable “Pom” on our web site where the whole world can see that he is a liar, cheat and a wannabe

Shame Mitchell shame.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Mitchell
Christian Names: Paul Gregory
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Loch Sport
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

Paul Gregory Mitchell - a Kiwi who "Fought in North Vietnam"

There was something “Fishy” about Paul Gregory Mitchell of the picturesque seaside town of Loch Sport in Gippsland Victoria.

His claimed  New Zealand military service was of such a fanciful nature that genuine Loch Sport veterans were alerted to having a suspected liar,  fraud and wannabe in their midst.


Mitchell is a Kiwi immigrant who thought he could fool Australian Veterans by claiming to be a New Zealand, Vietnam Veteran.  He may never have been discovered as a liar, fraud and wannabe had he chosen to lie about being an ordinary Infantry soldier or a Cook or Tank Driver.  Like most wannabes, Mitchell chose to live in a world where his “Service” was clandestine, heroic and difficult to be confirmed – by ordinary Veterans – but not by ANZMI.

It was known around town that Mitchell was a New Zealand “Vietnam Veteran” and when asked about his service  over a friendly beer, at the local pub, he confirmed his service in Vietnam on numerous occasions to numerous genuine veterans, but always added;

“I can't talk about it as I am sworn to secrecy because we were fighting in North Vietnam.”

Although local veterans were suspicious about Mitchell’s claims, they decided to seek conclusive proof by calling in the “Ghost Busters” of the Veteran world and sent us a request for help.

The first port of call for ANZMI was to check the New Zealand, Vietnam Veterans nominal roll, and of course, he was not listed.  There are six Mitchells listed on the roll, but no Paul Gregory Mitchell, this anomaly was always explained away by Mitchell, as being because of the secret nature of his service.

When contacted by an ANZMI Investigator by phone, Mitchell flatly denied ever making any claims about serving in Vietnam, but then, slung in some innuendo to indicate that if he had served, he could not talk about it. He finally he said “If you want me to say that I did not serve in Vietnam, then I will say it” this sentence was put in such a way to infer that he was being security conscious and was prepared to lie rather than admit that New Zealand soldiers had illegally operated in North Vietnam.

During our investigation Loch Sport Veterans who had heard Mitchell’s lies on a first hand basis, confronted him and after considerable effort, he capitulated and admitted that he had never served in Vietnam with the New Zealand Armed Forces or any other Armed Force.

Paul Gregory Mitchell of Loch Sport is a liar, a fraud and a wannabe which is not a good citizenship category to be in whilst residing in a small country town.

There is sufficient evidence available for law enforcement to charge Mitchell under the Defence Act 1903 Part Vll section 80A, which says, that falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman is an offence with provisions for a penalty of a fine of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both.

Should the aggrieved Veterans of Loch Sport, report this matter to their local State Police and provide affidavits, the police would be obliged to charge Mitchell and have him before the local Magistrates Court.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Montague-Elliott
Christian Names: Allen Angus
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Tivoli
Service: Citizen Military Forces
Case Notes:

Allen Angus Montague-Elliott -  Big name, big liar.

Among the worst kinds of wannabes are those who use fictitious war experiences to explain their ridiculous antics and disgraceful behaviour towards their friends, family and those they work with  such a man is Allan, Angus, Montague-Elliott of Tivoli Queensland.



Montague-Elliott claims to have served in the Army in the Vietnam War. He is a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) trained Pension Officer and works with the Ipswich, Queensland unit of the Veterans Support and Advocacy Service Australia Inc. (VSASA). The VSASA unit took Montague-Elliott on face value and embraced him as a Vietnam Veteran. The President of the VSASA unit was alerted to the possibility of Montague-Elliott being a fraud and without bothering to check defended Montague-Elliot.  Being a member of such an organization gives wannabes the appearance of legitimacy. Montague-Elliott told the President of the organization that he completed recruit training at Puckapunyal, Victoria, then, after further training at Canungra, Queensland he was deployed overseas. Any alert person would see that Corps Training is missing from the equation.

During a court hearing in 2008, Montague-Elliott claimed to have been traumatized during his period of National Service. The Magistrate said.  “For reasons that were understandably not further explored in the evidence, it appeared during the xxxxxxxx, cross examination that he had endured a particularly traumatic event whilst conscripted to national service. This event has obviously left a deep emotional scar on the.”

Montague-Elliott was never a National Serviceman, he enlisted in the Citizens Military Forces (CMF) on 28 March 1966 and served part time service until July 1967, when he was discharged from the CMF for misconduct, relating to a civil offence involving illegal use of a motor vehicle. For that offence he was sentenced to serve fourteen months at the Youth Training Centre (YTC) in Malmsbury, Victoria.

On 14 August 1969 having completed his term at YTC he again enlisted in the CMF.  This time he chose to serve in the CMF, as a way of fulfilling his National Service obligation and avoid the possibility of service in Vietnam. He served as a part time CMF soldier until 5th July 1971, when he was again discharged because he “Failed to render efficient Service”.

The true history of Montague-Elliott’s military service is shown in the following document:





The dates shown cover almost the whole time of the Vietnam War and according to his service record there is no possibility that Montague-Elliott ever served in Vietnam. Now let’s look at all the outrageous wannabe statements he has made:

“He was employed in Vietnam fixing tank tracks, one day he fired his rifle out of the back of an Armoured Personnel Carrier and shot some enemy troops”

“He has a Veteran Pension Card and he stated also he can claim as much money he wants while he has this Veteran’s Pension Card’

“There were no records of his Vietnam service because he was involved in the Black Market and was dishonourably discharged”

“He did two tours of Vietnam and blamed that for his abusive personality”

“Accidentally shot another soldier and was sent to army jail”

“Whilst in Vietnam accidentally shot an Officer.

“he acted the way he did because once a man had been trained to kill. It was impossible to get rid of violent impulses. The army trained men to kill sent them to kill, and then just abandoned the violent men it had created”

“I am a Vietnam Vet, who has killed for flag and country. I also killed because the army taught me to kill, but I was a killer no matter which way you slice it.”

“I have not lied to you I am a Military Vet”

“But I have my Dad’s medals and mine in a tin, War Medals”.

“I am a Vietnam Vet and I had a secret”

Some of the above quotes are written in Montague-Elliott’s own hand and others are contained on Statutory Declarations.

Here is an example of a statement written in his own  hand writing.


Let there be no doubt that this bloke is an evil con man and with a name like Montague-Elliott he is already halfway up the straight. His naive Doctor wrote a letter to his family suggesting “they be more understanding because of his war record”, and even suggested they join a Veterans support group for relatives of returned Veterans. Obviously Montague-Elliott has finagled this letter from his Doctor with false sob stories of his horrible war experiences. Montague-Elliott has pretended to a Federal Magistrate, his family and friends, a group of VSASA veterans, his Doctor and obviously many others that he is a Vietnam Veteran.

The lies told to the Federal Magistrate were in relation to explaining his disgraceful behaviour, and his evidence was given on oath and accepted as true by the Magistrate. He has deliberately lied to the court.

Montague-Elliott has committed an offence under the Defence Act 1903 by Impersonating a Veteran. It is unlikely that the Federal Police will take action, and therefore we are pleased to expose Allen, Angus, Montague-Elliott as a liar a fraud and a wannabe


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Montgomery
Christian Names: James Alwyn
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Bathurst
Case Notes:


James Alwyn Montgomery

The US Silver Cross?  There's a lot more wrong with that "citation" as there is a lot more wrong with the fool who wrote it.

This blatant liar, poseur and forger claims to have been a 5th Special Forces Group Captain attached to the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam, or an AATTV Captain attached to the 5th SFG? He's not sure which one he should be posing as.

Was he either?

No, nor was he a US Marine, a US Navy SEAL, a SAS Captain or Major, a Commando, a RAN Reserve Captain or a recipient of the Victoria Cross and lesser awards.

He is an Australian and a major fraud who, amongst other things, liked to make public speeches in the US about Vietnam while dressed in his Special Forces outfit complete with a green beret.

He did go to China,in pursuit of a get-rich-quick scheme, but Beijing in '99 was a long way from the mountains, jungles, rice paddies and swamps of what was South Vietnam during the war.


We hold copies of documents that indicate he has been constructing his false history over many years and we have never before run across such an obviously labour intensive project. One other wannabe on our Cases page, Nelson, comes close but Montgomery gets the award for the wannabe who tried the hardest to perpetuate his fraud while also being the most incredibly stupid.

A quote from a former USSF member. "When I knew him in the '90s he said he'd been in the Australian Military but had never served overseas" Montgomery began his posing prior to 1980 but wasn't game enough to try his b/s with this man.

The service number that Montgomery uses, 2243096, is a Citizen's Military Forces number that could be carried over into Regular Army service but it does not appear on the official Vietnam Veteran's nominal roll.  We have not been able to ascertain if anyone owns this service number so if anyone has this information please let us know at information@anzmi.net

He wrote in a biography (1980) that he worked in media and marketing research from 1962 to 1970 when he formed his own sales promotion company having completedtwo short tours of Vietnam with the AATTV.  His "Australian Service History" is contradictory and shows 1 Commando Coy 1960-75, seconded to the SAS and AATTV for his three full tours.

He forged his own ID cards after purchasing blanks via catalogue.

This card is shown below.  There are no details on the back of this card.



A Captain with the Royal Australian Naval Reserve above and an Australian SAS Majorbelow.




Note the photos on these fake ID cards. They are two separate photos taken at the same sitting, probably within seconds of each other, look at his shadow.

Again note the same typeface used for his details on both cards. Typed on the same machine?

This same typeface appears on his other clumsy forgeries as welleg. letters from the US Navy and the US Marine Corps Reserve.

All these forgeries may have fooled many civilians but to most ex-servicemen, on both sides of the Pacific, his claims are absolutely ludicrous.

He did manage to fool some US Veterans and school officials to the point where he gave keynote speeches at Memorial Day parades and addressed schoolchildrenabout the Vietnam war on Veteran's Day. 

Memorial Day newspaper clipping below.


Hisbasic claims follow, he was a very busy boy on paper.This information was taken from his "Service History", "Resume" and other documents. Some claims have been shortened for ease of reading. 

Service, Australian Military and Government:

1 Commando Coy.1960-75. Seconded to SAS and AATTV during Vietnam tours.Promoted Major, 1974.

SAS Reserve Officer.

ASAS, attached to UKSAS.

Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV)Attached to US 5th SFG, Pleiku, Nui Dat.

Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Volunteer Reserve.

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)

All Military claims denied.

Information gleaned from National Australia Archives, former SAS members, former AATTV members and historical records.

We didn't contact the UKSAS people for confirmation or denial because he wasn't in the ASAS so could not have been detached to UKSAS.

ASIO operative? Was he a spook or wasn't he? We'll leave this up to you.

While his "Service History" shows tours to Vietnam in '66-67, '68-69 and '71 with AATTV, his biography written for a club shows that he was in the advertising/marketing business from '62 to at least '70.

Service, US Military and Government:

Special Forces, 5th SFG, Vietnam,attached to AATTV.

Delta Force. 

SOG, Phoenix Program operative.

Navy SEAL.

Navy Reserves.Recalled to active duty after retirement.   

Marine Corps Ready Reservist.

CIAoperative and advisor.

All Military claims denied.

Information gleaned from former US Special Forces, US Army and US Navy personnel using their own records and contacts, also from SF and SOG databases.

Two independentrecords searches in the USA under the Freedom Of Information Act using the supposed service number has failed to reveal any service records pertaining to Montgomery.

On a forged US Navy document he made a monumental blunder by using the US Department of Defense seal on the page instead of the US Navy official seal.

This letter headed "Involuntary Recall of Retired Officers to Active Duty", dated 21 August (no year),

is absolutely ludicrous. "The wording is wrong and it appears to be a patchwork of parts" as stated by a former US Navy friend of ours, another giveaway was his writing of the time of day.

It is unsigned but the name of the originating Officer is Admiral Secrest, Chief of Naval Operations. We have a list of all Chiefs of Naval Operations from 11 May 1915 to the present and Secrest isn't on it. Surprised?

We have a copy of a letter purportedly from the US Marine Corps Reserve Support Centre, dated 29 November 1990. This letter instructs him to appear for a medical examination which all members of the Marine Corps Ready Reserve must undergo. Once again, this letter is unsigned.

The typeface used for his name and address is different to the rest of the document but this is not a guarantee that the document is a forgery.

Coincidently, it's the same typeface that appears on his fake Navy document and his fake ID Cards.

We have been advised that while these Navy and Marine documents show a service number, they should show a completely different series of numbers. This fact alone tells us that they are nothing other than poor attempts at forgery.


We also have copies of a document written by Montgomery, supposedly in 1990, where the same typeface was used.  This document contains an excerpt from a SOG report on Iran and Montgomery writes that he was asked to provide background on the Iran Government.

In the preamble, Montgomery states that he was with the ASAS attached to the UK22SAS when he was part of the rescue team for the Pahlavi Royal family and they "infiltrated through the easier northern borders, an area he had operated in before"

SOG 1990? No.

Furthermore, we have a copy of a document headed "To understand Kurds in '94, Capt. James A. Montgomery RANVR. SOCOM, McDill"

The heading is in his usual typeface and he misspelled his name but the text is in a completely different typeface and unsigned. Plagiarism? Sure looks like it.

CIA operative? Well, once again we'll leave this up to your imagination.

CIA advisor? As above.

Qualifications, Skills, and Courses completed:


PJI,(Parachute Jump Instructor), HALO, (High Altitude, Low Opening Parachuting) 

SCUBA,  Load following, Snow. We know what SCUBA means but........?

Marine.(As in sea, water)

SCUBA, basic submarine, small craft coxswain, inflatable small craft, underwater demolition, UK small scale raider training.

SEAL, Underwater Demolitions Team.


International Commercial qualified.

Qualified multi engine, turbine, instruments, seaplane, floatplane, CIA foreign aircraft, aerobatics.


ASIO and CIA trained in Australia, USA, Vietnam, Honduras. Completed courses with Aust and British SAS. Further courses with NATO and in Israel, Jordan, Indonesia.


Qualified, radio, morse, expert driver (Scotland Yard) 

SAS mountaineering leader(Wales)


Fluent..German and Pindjari.....Maybe he meant Pitjantjatjara, an Australian indigenous people's language or maybe a Sudanese dialect, we can't be sure.

Knowledgeable. Mandarin, Nung, Russian, Italian, Farsi. Capable of translating Farsi documents to English.

Vietnam tours:


1st version. AATTV, short tour. While a civilian advertising/marketing executive.

2nd version. SAS Reserve Officer.

3rd version. SAS liaison officer with 5RAAat Nui Dat.

We think RAA is a typo. RAA is the Royal Australian Corps of Artillery so we guess he meant RAR, which is Infantry.A SAS liaison officer with an Infantry Battalion? That's a good one.


1st version. AATTV, short tour. Still a civilian ad/marketing exec.

2nd version. SAS Reserve Officer, joined AATTV, 25 May '68. Full tour.

3rd version. Attached AATTV as a member of 5th SF(sic). Commanded 212 and 213 companies of 1st Mike Force Battalion under Maj. Roland Greenwood.Reassigned to Special Forces Operation Delta.  Instructor Special Forces Recondo School.

This reads as if he was in the US Army and attached to the AATTV.  Montgomery never served in the US Military in any capacity. Another of his claims says that he was with the AATTV attached to the 5th SFG.

Information in hand shows that no James A. Montgomery served with the AATTV between 1962-72.

We have been reliably informed that Major Roland Greenwood was a US Army Infantry Officer and not Special Forces qualified. Definitely not 5th SFG.His MOS, 01542.(Infantry)

Montgomery not on list of Recondo School instructors.

Attached AATTV as a member of 5th SFG while on an operational visit to a unit under the command of  Ray Simpson in Kontum. 11 May '69.

He was obviously not a participant in the action that saw Ray Simpson awarded the VC, we know who was.

Involved with CIA in tri-border area, downed pilot extraction, intelligence.  Awarded US Silver Cross

See information on US Silver Cross below under Awards.

CIA involvement? No further comment.


AATTV, involved in the winding down of all US/Aust operations from Pleiku base. 

History shows that the last Australian reassigned out of Pleiku left before 1971. We know who he was and the exact date he left.

Seconded to Phoenix Program, operated in tri-border area.

A former AATTV member commented that Montgomery's claims are "absurd"


Victoria Cross...Denied.

US Silver Cross... No such award.   

Infantry Combat Award... No such award 

Mentioned in Dispatches...Denied.

RVN Cross of Gallantry with Silver Star...Denied

RVN Cross of Gallantry with Palm...Denied.


Major, 1 Commando Regiment.1960-75

Major, SAS.1967-72.

Major, GHQ Intelligence. ?

Captain, SAS.

Captain, US Army.

Captain. US Navy SEAL.

Captain, Marine Corps.

Captain, Marine Corps Reserves.

Captain Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve.

Captain, Aust marine search and rescue unit. Commanded airbourne search and rescue squadron.

Commander, founder of Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol, Victoria, Australia. and then down to...

Lt. Commander, Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol. Rescue Diving Officer.

"Skipper" The Lady Patricia and Dive Team 1,Sydney. "Dive Team 1", a four berth cruiser was traded for a "two berth" aerobatic Cessna.


American Legion, Tallahassee, Post 13.

Special Forces Association, Chapter 39.  Actually an associate member of Chapter LX.

US Vietnam Veteran's Association, Chapter 36.
US Vietnam Veteran's Association, Chapter 228, South Jersey . (Newsletter editor producing "Bam Bam" and "The Tu Do Tattler", 1996)

American Legion, Post 332, Somers Point, New Jersey . (Newsletter editor, 1996.)

1 Commando Association, Sydney.

Royal Australian Navy League.

Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol (Life member)

Army and Navy Club, London.

Seaplane Pilots Association.

Tallahassee Power Squadron. (USPS)

Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron.

President Advertising Club, Melbourne, Australia.

Perhaps some people from these organisations may take the time to contact us.

Civilian sporting interests.

Track sprinter, reserve for 1956 Melbourne Olympics, aged 15.

Rower, stroke.

Snow skiing.

Aerobatics pilot.

Car racing, drove for BMC Team. Austin Healeys, Mini Minors. 1960-62.

The only factual piece of information we could find is that Montgomery is a member of the US Special Forces Association, an associate membership which shows that he is not Special Forces qualified.

He has a genuine certificate, these are presented to people who donate money to such Associations. Possession of such certificates is not uncommonbut this is not a guarantee that the holder served in any Military Forces.

Even though he was under suspicion at VVA Chapter 228 because he couldn't produce evidence of being discharged from the Military, he was liked well enough to be presented with a certificate of appreciation.

Just another wannabe who rose to a senior position within his chosen Ex-Service Organisation. The same thing happens here in Australia, does it not!

There is an item that retired and serving USSF Soldiers carry with them at all times. These are readily available as fakes but Mr. Montgomery doesn't carry one of these, real or fake. This tells us how little he knows of the real world of the US Special Forces Soldier.

If you have the time, go back and read his "citation" again, then go to Weatherall further below this story on our Cases page and read his "citation". Any similarities? Yes there are.

See any similarities in the "citations" dreamed up by this pair of wankers and this excerpt from an article on Ray Simpson VC, DCM?

In a battalion-scale operation on 6 May the 232nd Company of the Mobile Strike Force, under Simpson was moving through the jungle of large trees and dense bamboo undergrowth in rain and poor visibility in II Corps area near the junction of the borders of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.  When one of his platoons became heavily engaged with the enemy Simpson led the remainder of his company to its assistance.  As the company moved forward, one of the platoon commanders, Australian Warrant Officer M.W. Gill, was seriously wounded and the assault began to falter.  Simpson, in the face of heavy enemy fire, moved across open ground and carried Gill to safety.  He returned to his company then crawled forward to within ten metres of the enemy.  >From here he lobbed grenades into their positions.  Simpson then ordered his company to withdraw and he and five indigenous soldiers covered the withdrawal.

Next morning, Simpson's company rejoined the battalion in another position where it was resupplied.  Three days later, on 10 May, contact was again made with the enemy, but insufficient air support and the reticence of the indigenous soldiers caused it to be broken off.

At first light the next day artillery pounded the enemy positions and the battalion moved forward again to find the bunkers unoccupied.  The battalion probed ahead with Warrant Officer A.M. Kelly leading the 231st Company.  In the first burst of fire from the next contact, Kelly was wounded and the battalion commander, Captain Green of the American Special Forces, was killed when he went to assist Kelly.  Simpson quickly organized two platoons of soldiers and several advisers and led them to the location of the contact.  Despite the fact that most of his soldiers had fled, Simpson moved forward through withering machine-gun fire in order to cover the initial evacuation of the casualties.  The wounded, including Kelly, were evacuated but Simpson was unable to reach Green's body because of the heave accurate enemy fire.  He then covered the evacuation of the wounded to the helicopter pad by placing himself between them and the enemy.  The action ended indecisively next day when the battalion was evacuated.

This excerpt from the AATTV website with the kind permission of the webmaster. http://www.aattv.iinet.net.au

At time of writing, Mr.Montgomery could be found at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, NSW, Australia.

Here's James. http://www.csu.edu.au/NRN/news/0406_newman.htm

His personal website is http://hometown.aol.com/ozgrnberet/  and his email address is OzGrnBeret@aol.com

Hmmm, Green Beret twicemore, what happened to US Marine?He was a Green Beret? We always thought a green beret was a hat not a person, once again he displays his ignorance.

We've almost finished with you Mr. Montgomery, we've exposed you for the lying wannabe you are and we're sure that further information on your posturing as a former Special Forces Soldierand whatever else will be sent to us. Should this information appear, your exposure will be updated in quick time.

There are others who will pursue you due to your phoney civilian resumeand for the harm you have caused. We wish them good luck.

Because you never dragged on a boot in any branch of any country's Military Forces, youwill appear on this page for life.Perennial civilians like you don't rate a letter from us asking for an explanation of your foul deeds, nor do they rate an opportunity to apologise to those who they pretended to be as honourable.

Mongrel dogs like you who even dream of being able to walk in the shadow or boot prints of brave men  deserve no less.   Men like Ray Simpson, VC, DCM, Warrant Officer Gill, Warrant Officer Kelly, Capt. Peter Rothwell, Capt. Peter Shilston and USSF Captain Green amongst others. You weren't there in Kontum with them then, and you're not going to be with them now.

You "dared to win" and "persevered"  from the business end of a typewriter only.

For our readers. There are many underlying reasons for our harsh treatment of Mr. Montgomery and while some of these do not fall within our terms of reference and will not be displayed here, they have influenced this exposure.  

Our grateful thanks go to our untiring wannabe hunter friends.

Mary and Chuck Schantag of www.pownetwork.org , VeriSEAL  http://VeriSEAL.org  and their Special Forces contacts for their kind and valued assistance with this case and others.

An archival search for Montgomery showed:

RE : Post 1947 Army service dossier request for James Alwyn MONTGOMERY.

The post-WWII Army dossier you have requested is held by the Central Army Records Office (CARO). They have advised the NAA that the particular dossier/s you are seeking could not be identified.   If you are able to provide us with additional information that may assist us in the process of identification, for example, a valid Army service number, rank, unit, next of kin and date of birth, we will undertake another search.

Go to this URL for further information on Montgomery http://www.lovefraud.com/ Note the mention of the Victoria Cross there, then click on the True Love Fraud Stories link on the left and look for the Montgomery story under Case Histories.

5 August 2005

Many thanks to Luke McIlveen of the Daily Telegraph for pursuing Montgomery and his lies.  Perhaps Luke can now do a story on why the government will not prosecute those like Montgomery who steal the honour and service of the Australian Veterans.  We did our bit for the Government and all we ask is they do their bit to prosecute these frauds to the maximum penalty they introduced, but to date have not actioned.

  5 August 2005      Along with the information shown above the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol have concerns with Montgomery.   The following information has been supplied:

James Alwyn Montgomerywas a member of the Coastal Patrol in NSW and Victoria.

q      He is NOT a Life Member,

q      He is no longer a member of any description and has not been for well over 15 years.

q       He joined on the 3 April 1972.

q      In 1972 Montgomery advised he was a Corporal in the Australian Army.

q      He did not found the Victorian section of the Coastal Patrol. That was done on the 30 January 1975, principally as an education unit with E.S. Madden as the OC.

q      He did not command the airborne search and rescue squadron, as we never had one. We did have an air wing that comprised individuals that had aircraft and clubs that were affiliated with the Coastal Patrol. Eg Phil Dulhunty, Laurie Gruzman, Acquatic Airways, Air Helicopters, Kempsey, Manning River, Moruya flying clubs. Montgomery did have an aircraft and we did use him on several occasions in SAR work in Victoria.  He did use an airplane when he moved to ,  Beaumaris,Victoria.. He was the coordinator of the couple of aircraft in Victoria, but one would hardly equate that with a squadron. But he was never the commander of the airborne SAR squadron. The aircraft came under the Flag Officer Commanding. 

q      He was not the diving rescue officer as we never had a diving unit. Again we did and still do, have members that had or have diving experience and we used their skills when needed. Most of the members that we use are ex Navy and clearing or commercial divers

q      He did have a pair of flippers, a tank and mask and a weight belt

q      When he joined in 1972 he did have a boat “Lady Patricia”, a 20’ Stebercraft.  

Frauds such as Montgomery are of concern to all organisations and in the current climate of Terrorism all organisations should seriously look at all members currently on the books.  We are not suggesting that these people on our site fit the category of terrorist suspects but if Veteran frauds can infiltrate organisations that have responsibilities with National protection then it is possible that others with much more intent could also be infiltrating these organisations.  We must all be alert for the protection of our Country as well as the stolen Honour of our Veterans.

  5 August 2005  Since the above update/s we have been reliably informed that 'Monty' was a member of the Bathurst Rotary Club.  To their embarrassment Monty was scheduled to give a presentation on "Ethics in Business".  Since the site story went world wide and the media have been on his tail Monty has cancelled his presentation and resigned from the Rotary club, much to their relief.   There would appear to be not a lot left for Monty to do apart from resign from The Charles Sturt University as they too are investigating his fraud allegations and go on the dole.......but be aware they too are good at uncovering fraud!!!

6 August 2005  Congratulation to the Vice Chancellor of the Charles Sturt University for the action below.   We at CPMH certainly hope that the Defence Department and the Government comply with the Chancellors request to investigate this matter and all others appearing on our pages further.  These people steal the Honour and Service of those who have served the Nation and now we want them charged, fined and sentenced to the maximum penalty allowable.  We know Parliament members are avid readers of this site so we have reserved a spot below for you.   Support your Veterans and protect their Service, Medals and Honour now....Back to you Mr Howard, Prime Minister and Ms Kelly, our Veterans representative.  This subject has been tabled in Parliament many times and the Veterans want action now.  Don't let us down, we didn't let you down when called on to serve and soldiers are still doing their duty overseas on your orders.


 3 January 2007


29th Apr 2010

James Alwyn Montgomery is on the move again. Be aware this person is a false pretender and will try any trick in the book to get money out of you. If you have been a victim of this fraudster we encourage you to report him to your local police and if there is sufficient evidence they should prosecute him and hopefully the Justice System will put him behind bars where he belongs

Our informant states:

I served in Vietnam 67-68. I have been active in singles groups in Sydney and around Bathurst.  Jim was a member of Bathurst singles group I was also in.  A few things Jim told me about Vietnam didn'tgelso I checked the ANZMI web site to discover that 'Major Fraud' was a star feature.  He was expelled from this Club in Feb 2010.  Early April 2010 I was informed that Jim had moved to Katooma.  I then contacted three singles clubs in the Blue Mountains area as well as the Katoomba RSL. 

An hour after contacting the RSL, xxx xxxx, the senior vice president, gave me a call to say that Jim had joined the Club in March, 2010.  Prior to ringing me xxx had checked the ANZMI web site. xxx informed me that he was discussing Jim with the club president that afternoon and that Jim would probably be expelled shortly.  The ANZMI website went into detail how he defrauded nearly $1m from women in America over a 12 month period. 

His modus operandi is to say he is setting up some sort of business and he needs money to get this up and running.  He states that he has money coming and can pay back a loan.  Jim informed me that he was setting up an on line business dealing with diabetes and that he had been successful in getting sponsorship from Telstra.  In other words Jim is still quite active with his fraudulent actions and people in the Blue Mountains should be made aware that he is in their midst.  When first meeting Jim he presents as a very likeable, affable fellow and it's easy to see had he could con the vulnerable, particularly lonely women.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

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