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Surname: Juraszko
Christian Names: Peter Lou
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Brisbane
Service #: 115788
Service: Army Reserve
Branch: RAAC
Commencement of service: Dec 1981
Completion of service: Jul 1987
Case Notes:




One of the central characters in the classic 1939 movie The wizard of Oz is the Tin Woodman, who is now better known as The Tin Man.  He is something of a sad character and his life's pursuit is to find himself a heart.  Here at the ANZMI we often, some of us think far too often, come across similar heartless characters.  While they may not be made of tin, they sport medals which are and like the mythical Tin Man, they certainly lack heart.  How else can you explain their need to wear unofficial 'commemorative' medals which we refer to as 'tin' medals.  We use that term specifically to reflect the total lack of worth and honour that these self-purchased gongs depict. So once again we face yet another 21st century Tin Man in the guise of Peter Lou Juraszko.


Peter Lou Juraszko joined the Australian Army Reserve in December 1981and was discharged in July 1987.  During this period he seems to have served with the 2/14th Queensland Mounted Light Infantry, a regiment that can trace its lineage back to 1860.  In fact it was the first Australian military unit to wear the coveted emu plume in its headgear. The regiment has served with distinction on active service from the Boer War, the Gallipoli and Palestinian campaigns of the First World War, including the charge at Beersheba and the Second World War.  In more recent times, members of the regiment have also seen active service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today the regiment forms part of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps.

Peter Juraszko has every right to feel proud of his service with this historic regiment and this has been recognised with him being awarded the Australian Defence Medal. He is not entitled to any further medals and this might explain his apparent need to embellish his rack by adding 2 'tin' medals, which we believe are the CMF/Reserve Forces Medal and the Remembrance Medal. Both of these worthless trinkets can be purchased on-line.

When it comes to unofficial commemorative medals, Peter Juraszko is very much like the Wizard of Oz's Tin Man; cursed to wander without any heart, at least until he despatches his tin into a receptacle made of similar material..

Surname: Justice
Christian Names: Jamie-Lee
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Heildon
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Case Notes:


Jamie-Lee Justice uses a number of surnames, including, Noll, Johnstone and Newcombe. Jamie-Lee was born on the 22 April, 1990, and resides in Heildon, Queensland. Heildon is a small country town located about 100 kilometres south west of the Capital Brisbane.

Jamie-Lee is a false pretender and a military fraud.


Jamie-Lee claims on her Face Book page, that she is a founder and Committee Chairman of the McGrath Foundation. This is a Charitable organisation that promotes awareness for breast cancer. She also claims a double degree of Physics and Neuroscience at the RMIT, (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) Melbourne. We have been unable to substantiate these claims through the relevant organisations..

In fact, when we notified the McGrath Foundation Brisbane, about the claims Justice was making, they immediately sent advice to Justice to remove any reference to their organisation from her Face Book Page. She has nothing to do with the Foundation and her claims are a lie.


She further claims in the above entry, that she was an armed combat soldier, who served in the Department of Defence, Australia, from the 20 January, 2016 to 14 May, 2018.

ANZMI have received sworn Statutory Declarations from a number of people, who have met Jamie-Lee over the past two years and have stated, inter alia, the following -;

1. Jamie-Lee declared to me that she had previously served in the Australian Defence Force for two and a half years which ended about May 2018.
2. Jamie-Lee said that her reason for joining the Defence Force was to go to Syria and see for herself, if what was being reported on social media was true, with regards to Australian and American troops raping the children and then beheading them in front of their parents.
3. She stated that she was in Syria for two years and saw horrible things..
4. Jamie-Lee stated that when in Syria, she was shot in the hip by a fellow Defence Force member, whilst he was cleaning his weapon.
5. When asked if she remembered her (Defence) Force number, she said that she did not remember it because of PTSD. (PostTraumatic Stress Disorder),
6. When asked what Task Group or Corps she was a member of, she stated, “The Task Group that went to Syria.”
7. When asked about what medals she received, She replied, “The medals they give you when you go to Syria, I threw them away”

A further witness stated-;

8. Jamie-Lee told me that her Barrister was suing the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for $200.000.00 dollars for her “voluntary discharge”, due to being shot in the hip.
9. She threw her medals away.
10. She told me that she served for 6 years in the Australian Army.
11. She states that she is currently suffering from PTSD and has to take “lots of medication.”
12. She was shot in Syria, whilst in armed combat.
13. She was discharged due to her injury.

Unfortunately for Jamie-Lee Justice aka Noll aka Johnston, aka Newcombe, none of these claims are true. She is a military imposter, and a very bad one at that.

From inquiries made with some of Jamie-Lee’s former associates, she never served in the Australian Army as a Soldier at all, let alone deploy to Syria and receive a gunshot wound to the hip.

Jamie-Lee cannot remember -;
• her Service number,
• the Corps she served with,
• the name of the Task Force Group,
• the medals she was awarded, that she threw away.
This is after all, only two years since she returned from her alleged Syria active service deployment.

Jamie-Lee was contacted and invited to provide evidence of her alleged Australian Army “combat service”, or indeed, any military service at all. She declined the offer.

It might also be noteworthy to mention that no Australian Army personnel were ever deployed to Syria as ground troops.

It is an offence under the Defence Act 1903 Section 80A to claim, to be a returned veteran of the Australian Defence Force. Penalty $3,300 fine, or 6 months imprisonment, or both.

DEFENCE ACT 1903 Section 80A. (EXTRACTS)

The following extracts from the Defence Act 1903 apply to honours and awards:

80A Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if: (a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman; and (b) the representation is false. Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

(2) For the purposes of this section:

(a) returned soldier means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Military Force raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire, or as a member of the Military Forces of any Ally of Great Britain;
(b) returned sailor means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Naval Force raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire, or as a member of the Naval Forces of any Ally of Great Britain; and
(c) returned airman means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Air Force, air service or flying corps raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire or as a member of the air forces of any Ally of Great Britain.

The local authorities have been notified.

We welcome Ms Jamie-Lee Justice aka Noll aka Johnston aka Newcombe to ANZMI website.

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