Entries with Surname (Title)s starting with 'C'

Surname: Craft
Christian Names: Eric Eugene
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Geraldton
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: December 2006
Completion of service: July 2018
Case Notes:


Eric Craft was born in December 1988 and at 18 years of age in 2006, joined the Australian Regular Army (ARA) where he served until 2017.  He then transferred to the Army Reserve and was discharged in July 2018. During all of his Army service he remained a Private Soldier.




Craft has not settled back into civilian life, and blames his bad behaviour on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that he developed during his many "overseas combat deployments".


In fact Craft was never deployed to any war zones during his twelve years of service, his entire service was spent in Australia.


We hold six Statutory Declarations detailing what Craft has said about his time in the Army.


According to Craft he served in Malaysia, Afghanistan (4 tours) Iraq, Solomon Islands, Europe, Somalia and East Timor among other medals he also claims the USA Purple Heart for being wounded in action. During his last tour of duty in Afghanistan he says he was captured, tortured an raped.  He was also involved in "Black Ops" and his service records have been "wiped and sealed under the Secrecy Act".


Whilst in Afghanistan he was selected to work with US Army Rangers, elite Special Forces and Delta Force . It can be assumed this lie is to cover his previous lie of being awarded a USA Purple Heart Medal.


According to Craft he attended and passed the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) selection course with ease and because of his combat experience was urged to join SASR, however he choose to return to his Battalion in Adelaide.           


He plays the false PTSD card to the hilt and has phoned people during the night crying and seeking counselling for the pain of his combat experiences.


We are reliably advised that his whole family believe he is a damaged Returned Soldier.   Lying to loved ones about false service to get succour is the ultimate betrayal. It is also the epitome of treachery against genuine veterans.

Craft is given Star status on this web site where he will remain forever.

Surname: Craig
Christian Names: George Wieslaw
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Trott Park
Service #: 4721817
Service: Army
Branch: RAEME
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:




George Wieslaw Craig was born in Glasgow, Scotland on the 3rd August, 1948.  He served in the Australian Army as a Craftsman in the RAEME. Branch. 

Craig is currently the Secretary of the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia, (VVFA) South Australia Branch, Warradale.

Craig is a Medal Cheat and a liar.


Craig was posted to South Vietnam as a Craftsman on the 2nd June, 1971.  He served his entire time with the 5 Company Royal Australian Army Service Corps, in Vung Tau, the Australian Logistic Support Base as part of his RAEME duties.

He served in South Vietnam for a total of 170 days.

At Torrens Parade Ground Adelaide, on Long Tan Day 2015, he was caught out wearing an un-awarded Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. (RVCM) He was  warned by the President of the Royal Australian Regiment Association that if he was seen wearing the un-awarded medal again, he would be reported to the Australian Federal Police. 

On a further occasion however, in the VVFA office, Craig was caught out again wearing  the un-awarded Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal.  (RVCM)

This medal was awarded to Australian military personnel serving at the minimum,  181 days in the former Republic of South Vietnam.  He was then reported to his President of the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia, (VVFA) South Australia Branch.   He was then interviewed by the President in respect to his wearing the un-entitled award.  He admitted to falsely wearing it on the two occasions mentioned, however, he claimed to the VVFA President that on both occasions he was observed wearing the medal, he had borrowed a set of medals from a friend as he had not had his own medals mounted. 

He further claimed that he did not look at the borrowed medals on either occasion and just put them on without checking.  He stated that he did not take any notice of what medals he was wearing.

This lame brain excuse was accepted by his President friend and Craig was simply counselled. 

Craig is a liar and should know better.  He is the Secretary of the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia, South Australia Branch and would know the qualifying  period required for being awarded the RVCM.

We are aware that Craig purchased the medal from a Medal Shop or on the internet and had it court mounted with his other medals well before he was caught out wearing it.

We are also aware that Craig is a member of the Mad Galahs.  This is an ignorant misguided group of foolish conspiracy theorists whose former military members espouse that the Army in Vietnam was ultimately corrupt and that the Department of Defence and the Australian War Memorial have altered and hidden records.

Craig also runs a Religious website in his own name for an Adelaide Catholic Church foundation. 

He has no credibility to hold office within the VVFA and should be shown the door.   

If his President friend condones this sort of behaviour within his Branch, then he should stand down as well to maintain credibility of the Organisation that he represents.

Surname: Craine
Christian Names: Trevor R.
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Northam
Service #: 120190
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Case Notes:


Tevor is the Vice President of the Northam WA, Sub Branch of the Returned and Services League (RSL). Below he is shown doing his duty on Remembrance Day 11 Nov 2019.

Craine is a Navy Veteran who served on HMAS Sydney during the 1st Gulf War in 1990/1991. Like quite a few other errant matelots, Craine wears one extra medal with his four genuine medals. His fourth medal is the official Saudi Arabian Liberation of Kuwait medal which has been approved for wear by the Governor General of Australia

The offending medal is the fifth one nearest his left shoulder.

Here is the official Honours and Awards policy regarding this medal

Any person smart enough to be an RSL Vice President, must be smart enough to be able to follow the simple rules of medals protocol. Perhaps he feels a little more important when he wears the extra medal. Unfortunately his personal kudos is less than the derision he deserves from the veteran community.

Craine will not be lonely aboard the good ship ANZMI, as he has quite a few Gulf War shipmates aboard, who have also deigned to wear the medal.

Surname: Crane
Christian Names: Rex
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

Rex Crane, liar, fraud, wannabe and criminal

Rex Crane has received a lot of media attention over the past year; yesterday he was sentenced to prison, however, yesterday’s news is soon forgotten.


It is our duty to keep the story of Rex Crane in full public view, to illustrate the actions of the worst ever wannabe, fraud and liar in terms of monetary theft uncovered in Australia. 

This exposure also illustrates the failings of the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) who were duped by Crane's criminal activities. A similar example of DVA’s incompetence is here  http://www.anzmi.net/brain/brain.html

Brain, just like Crane stole thousands of taxpayer’s money by fooling DVA into believing he was a Veteran, but it gets worse, our justice system deigned to give Brain no more than a limp slap on the wrist, in the same way it has given Rex Crane a monumentally inadequate sentence for stealing $690,000 from taxpayers. Crane was sentenced to four years jail, which is to be suspended after serving six months, he was also ordered to pay back the money that he stole, but at the age of 84 years it is something he will never do.


Notice in the first photograph that Crane is wearing a Jacket showing the motif of the ex Prisoners of War Association.  Here is a photograph of a badge from which the motif is designed. The blazer shows that Crane liked to proudly falsely advertise that he was an ex Prisoner of War.

Crane’s false and non existent military history would have prevailed for his posterity, if not for the actions of well known Australian author and military historian Lynette Ramsey Silver. Lynette is much admired by genuine Veterans for her work.  Lynette’s web site is here:   http://lynettesilver.com/content/view/26/34/  

Following are the press releases that tell the Crane story.  Read how Crane was discovered in October 2009


Read below the final episode when Crane pleaded guilty and was sentenced.


One report says sympathetically, that Crane was a "prisoner of his own lies", what garbage, he is no more than a criminal and chronic liar who could have ceased his deception at any time during the last forty years.

No amount of contrition will earn Rex Crane a pardon from the Veteran community of Australia.  From this day on his only mates will be his fellow inmates in the Queensland Jail system. 

Now that Rex Crane’s military history has been corrected, he will be remembered as a fraud, liar, wannabe and convicted criminal. 

The one good thing that Crane has done is raise awareness in Australia of the presence of such people in the Veteran community.  Unless money is involved, Law enforcement, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Justice system don’t give a damn about wannabes, even though it is an offence against the Defence Act, to falsely pretend to be a veteran or to wear false medals. The maximum penalty for each of these offences is a $3,300 fine or six months in jail or both.

Here we have Rex Crane falsely claiming to be a veteran, wearing false medals and stealing $690,000 from taxpayers and what sentence does he get – six months jail.

If it wasn’t for people like Lynette Ramsey Silver and our organisation, fraud in the veteran community would be very extensive. Even though we hand all the evidence for offences against the Defence Act to Law enforcement they simply don't give a damn.

Despite the attitude of government departments, ANZMI relentlessly pursues wannabes without fear or favour. All reports concerning wannabes are treated with absolute confidentiality at ANZMI and all suspects will be investigated.  

And by the way, we have another false Prisoner of War on our web site, although as far as we know, he didn't steal from the public purse his behaviour was just as infamous as Crane, see the entry on Victor Edward George Lyons who murdered the "Boy Bastard", here: http://www.anzmi.net/lyons/lyons.html


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Crase
Christian Names: Jeffery J
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Adelaide
Service: RAAF
Case Notes:


Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth, (Countess Mountbatten's Own) and Cadets Commanding Officer.
"Lieutenant Colonel" Jeffery. J. Crase JP VMSM LMSM LCM ACM AMM CDM , struts his stuff and his sixteen medal ribbons on ANZAC Day ceremonial parades in Adelaide under the noses of the Returned Services League (RSL) and genuine  Veterans. He has struggled for many years to be seen as an "officer and gentleman" and has added a lot of medal ribbons to his lonely Defence Force Service Medal (DFSM) to make believe he is a person of some consequence.
On ANZAC Day 2003 we are reliably advised that he was wearing the rank of a Brigadier but now he appears to have settled on the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.


Jeffery J Crase may appear to be a decorated hero in his Frontiersmen uniform in Adelaide but to the genuine veteran community he is a comical wannabe who should not be in a position to influence the development of our youth as he does in his Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth Cadet Unit.

Here is a close up of the array of ribbons that Crase wears on his Army type uniform on pre-ANZAC Day commemorative occasions in Adelaide.



There are two distinct groups of Frontiersmen, they are
1.  The Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth (Countess Mountbatten's Own) and
2. Legion of Frontiersmen Australian Division.
Crase is a member of the former and they are the group that plays soldiers wearing military rank, badges and medals. The latter, the Australian Division has moved away from militarism and no longer uses military ranks, they concentrate on doing good work such as locating, recording and maintaining Australian war memorials. A Commissioner of the Australian Division told us recently: 
"The Australian Division is a uniformed Corps, however since 2000 we no longer wear Australian military uniforms, rank or insignia.  We do not use military titles or parade as military units, when we march in public on Anzac Day; we do so with our original service units in civilian dress.  We did this to avoid confusion with the public's interest, as we did not wish to be depicted as a quasi-military organisation and also to differentiate us from the militaristic Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth. We work closely with most ex service organisations and associated bodies; we are not associated with any Australian Intelligence gathering organisation".
Crase is a different kind of wannabe. During his twenty two years in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) he attained the rank of Sergeant in the RAAF Police but this was never enough for him, even when he was serving he yearned for the kudos he imagined came with being a commissioned officer. 
An ex RAAF serviceman who knew him well during his RAAF service said.
"This jerk attempted to enter the Officers Mess in Darwin in the early 90's wearing his Frontiersmen Uniform (Commander) with medals/ribbons. He was subsequently identified by a real Officer of the RAAF as a Non Commissioned Officer. Apparently, Crase stood his ground stating that his status within the Frontiersmen allowed him entry into the Mess irrespective of his low rank in the RAAF. It was a failure and he was kicked out. If he had entered he would have out ranked the Officer Commanding ." 
Here is a photo of Crase taking during his service days with the RAAF.


Commissions in the Australian Defence Force are hard won, every Commission is signed by the Governor General on behalf of the Queen and that is your entrée to the Officers Mess not some "cock and bull" commission from a pseudo soldiers organisation, signed by a make believe general. 
Nowadays Jeffery J Crase, the ex RAAF police sergeant with delusions of grandeur, believes he has made the big time, he is Lieutenant Colonel Jeffery J Crase JP VMSM LMSM LCM ACM AMM CDM  a Frontiersman of the Commonwealth and Frontiersmen Cadet boss in Adelaide.  As an ex RAAF sergeant with no operational service, he is entitled to wear only the Defence Force Service Medal (DFSM) on his left breast on public parades and eventually, when issued, the new Australian Defence Medal. 
Each year on ANZAC Day eve, the Adelaide RSL sponsors an official remembrance event involving the youth of the city, as described on their web site. 
"Young people from many organisations including Surf Lifesaving South Australia, Australian Army Cadets, Guides SA, SA Police Rangers, Scouts Australia (SA), St John Ambulance Australia, The Legion of Frontiersmen, Salvation Army, Australian Red Cross - SA Division, Air Force Cadets, Navy Cadets, CFS Cadets, SES Cadets, Air Youth League of SA and the Australian Turkish Community eagerly participate in this act of remembrance which has become an integral part of our ANZAC Day commemorations".
In 2003 Crase was seen outside South Australia's Government house wearing an "Army Style" uniform with the rank of Brigadier and a full chest of Frontiersmen ribbons. On 24 April 2005 Crase, wearing the rank of  "Lieutenant Colonel" and his Frontiersmen medal ribbons, attended the Youth Vigil ceremony with his contingent of Legion of Frontiersmen Cadets.
In 2006 in Adelaide he led the ANZAC Day parade marshals, resplendent in his regalia, on the official parade.
As best we can, we have identified and listed the Frontiersman ribbons.

Left Breast.
Defence Force Service Medal (The only genuine medal, for 15 years efficient service to the Australian Defence Force)
Voluntary Medical Service Ribbon  (VMSM)
International Year of Volunteers citation
Regular Forces Service Medal (Tin Junk)
CMF/Reserve Medal (Tin Junk)
Legion Meritorious Service Medal    (LMSM)
Legion Cross of Merit                       (LCM)
Australian Cross of Merit                  (ACM)
Australian Medal of Merit                  (AMM)
Long and Efficient Service Medal with Rosette
Legion Centennial Medal
Australian 75th Anniversary Medal
Canadian Division Efficient Service Medal  (CDM)
Canadian Division Torch Bearers Medal
Right Breast.
NT Govt Fire Citation.  
Tea Tree Gully Council 10th Cadet Anniversary Medal. 
A Senior member of The Legion of Frontiersmen, Australian Division said on the 6 June 2006 that Crase's behaviour was rude and inappropriate.
"Certainly the Australian Division would not expect to see their members wearing this type of arrangement at Official Services such as ANZAC Day, it would not seem appropriate – even a touch rude, but at a private function just like a Masonic Lodge we don't have a problem with it.   I hope this person is not trying to pretend to be an army officer with a rank he did not carry when he was in the service, how could a member of the public not think otherwise. That would be immoral to say the least.
The situation surrounding the wearing of Frontiersmen medals together with genuine medals was exacerbated when a careless public servant from the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet wrote on 12 Aug 2005 to a Frontiersman incorrectly authorising him to wear his Frontiersmen medals alongside his genuine Defence Force medals. The letter said inter alia.
"Thank you for your letter dated 4 Aug 2005 seeking permission to wear an award issued by the Legion of Frontiersmen alongside your medals issued by the department of Defence.
As the awards you mention are not in the official award system of honours and awards there is no need to seek formal permission to accept and wear them"
The letter was published in the magazine of the Legion of Frontiersmen Australian Division. The policy expressed in the letter is straight out wrong and following overtures from ANZMI the Office of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet agreed to rescind it immediately. The department claims to have been unaware that the letter had been sent and expressed concern because it contradicts their policy.
Their rescinding letter, an excerpt shown below, includes current policy and says inter alia. 
"as the awards you mention are not in the official Australian system of honours and awards, there is no need to seek formal permission to accept and wear them." This is correct, but a more complete answer would have noted that correct observance of protocol requires that only official Australian honours and awards are worn on the left.
I understand that some Frontiersmen have erroneously interpreted the letter published in your magazine as permission to wear their Legion of Frontiersmen medals "alongside" other medals on the left.  Whilst permission is not required to wear awards issued by the Legion of Frontiersmen, protocol  requires that they are worn on the right, separately from medals in the Australian honours system"
Despite the protocol from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Honours and Awards section The Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth still insist on mixing their "Frontie baubles" with government issued medals. A directive on  their web site says  -  Positioning of Medals:
"All legion medals will be worn above the left breast pocket after any government medals"
The South Australian RSL was contacted to comment on the blatant abuse of medals protocol on their ceremonial days.
The Adelaide, South Australia, RSL said :
"Our CEO is on the warpath over medal protocol and has spoken with a number of unit association presidents where he knows that their members are the ones concerned and has written to SA medal mounting companies stating policy and asking for their cooperation. An article will also be included in our next newspaper "
Our last report from Adelaide RSL was:
"An update on our medal article is in our newspaper. We received an unsigned and unidentified hand written letter from a former National Servicemen telling us how unfair our policy is and how proud he and his mates are to wear their extra medals. He pleaded with us to alter policy otherwise his membership and medals can go in the rubbish bin. Our President's answer to that was that he hopes he'll keep his word. We are unable to identify the writer and shall include it in our next edition pointing out that it was from an anonymous, unsigned writer and with an appropriate response from our President" . 
Well done Adelaide, a slow start but a great recovery, their newspaper article is shown here.
RSL guidelines state that medals and awards may only be worn on the left breast where issued to the wearer by the Australian government.
Foreign awards that have had Australian government approval may also be worn in the order of precedence specified in the regulations.
Commemorative medals (other than those authorized by Government), medals purchased by individuals or medals worn on behalf of another person should only be worn on the right breast. The RSL State Standing Policy confirms these requirements. The following extract comes from a company that supplies replica and commemorative medals: We cannot and do not encourage the wearing of unofficial commemorative medals with official ones. Wearing unofficial commemorative medals with issue medals we believe, destroys the integrity of Australia's honours and awards system. Those who are determined to wear them however, should be wearing them on a separate rack from official medals and wearers should abide by the guidelines laid down by the various ex-service organization peak bodies.
Further details can be obtained from the website: www.itsanhonour.gov.au

On 18 April 2007 The Hon Bruce Billson MP, Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence and Minister for Veterans Affairs authorised the following press release.

Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence Media Mail List


The Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence, Bruce Billson, today
warned people against posing as war veterans on Anzac Day, indicating
that such behaviour was disrespectful to veterans and Service personnel
and punishable by law.

In 2003 Mr Billson was instrumental in seeing tougher penalties
introduced for the improper use of Service medals and decorations to
falsely represent a returned Service person.  His advocacy to
strengthen penalties and to improve public education about the proper
wearing of Service medals dates back to 1988 when he was a Backbencher.

“Across the country, Australians will gather on Anzac Day to commemorate
the lives of Australians lost in war and other military operations and to
reflect on the service of our Defence personnel,” he said.

“Veterans and serving personnel will wear their Service medals at
commemorative events, with a growing number of people also wearing medals
as a tribute to loved ones, including deceased family members.

“There is a protocol governing the wearing of medals and people are
encouraged to follow these guidelines to avoid misrepresentation or
disrespect to our veterans.

“Only the original medal recipient is entitled to wear medals on the
left, above the heart. Relatives’ medals may be worn on the right,” Mr
Billson said.

“Occasionally a person will wrongly claim to be a returned veteran and
wear medals to which they are not entitled. This practice is deceitful
and disrespectful to our veterans.

“Further, there are a number of unofficial medals which are sold
commercially and are not recognised through the Australian honours
system. These awards should not be worn at public events on Anzac Day,”
he said.

Under the Defence Act 1903 the penalties for the improper use of Service
decorations and for impersonating Service personnel include a fine of up
to $3300, six months imprisonment, or both.

ecently two people have been found guilty of offences under Sections 80
A and 80 B of the Defence Act for falsely claiming entitlements to
medals. Further cases, resulting from the wearing of medals for which no
entitlement exists, are currently subject to legal proceedings.

Information about the correct wearing of medals can be found on the
Department of Veterans’ Affairs website,
www.dva.gov.au or the Defence Honours
& Awards website,

Media information:
Cameron Hill (Mr Billson) 0408 239 521
Defence Media Liaison   (02) 6265 3343 or
0408 498 664


ANZMI wrote to Crase requesting an explanation of his behaviour. 
He replied as follows:  
From: Jeffery Crase
Sent: Wednesday, 9 August 2006 4:42 PM
To: information@anzmi.net
Subject: Letter of reply

10 August 2006
Mr Anonymous
I am fully aware of your website and have been expecting your letter for some time, as your informant is known to me
Please refer to our website at
http://www.frontiersmenaustralia.org.au  He knows the Federal Government issued the uniform to our organisation in 1993, also why I wear some Legion Medals as part of my Legion of Frontiersmen’s dress code. 
All rank, buttons and uniform is Legion, our ranks are registered with the Federal Government, and our uniform is not current Army issue or colour.  We also wear shoulder flashes on each arm, which reads, ‘Legion of Frontiersmen SA Command’ and our unit badge on the left arm.   In no way can our uniform or ranks be confused with the Australian Army uniform or ranks.
I have not warn any Legion Medals for about three years, simply because, due to an accident some were damaged and cannot be replaced.   I do wear my own however, and have all the documents necessary for their wearing. 
I contacted the Defence Security Branch and RAAF Records at Fyshwick in Canberra and informed them your organisation may be obtaining covert information and soliciting other information from persons unknown in their Department.  
I am aware your Website is registered in America under the name of ‘Charlie Manson’ and your fictitious telephone number is 555323450, and have been informed there is a ‘Watching Brief’ on your site.  
I have forwarded a copy of your letter to the Provost Marshal’s of the RAAF and Army.  A copy has also been sent to the OIC Naval Police in Sydney.
I have sent a copy of all your documentation to the Attorney-General’s Department in Canberra.
Australia Post was able to trace your Post Mark through the Post Code Bar on the envelope.
I do not have to answer to you or your organisation, but I have done so, mainly to discredit your informant and make your organisation aware it cannot hide behind a website registered in another country.
This situation is not the sole prerogative of Vietnam Veteran’s.   Whilst I have my own opinions on some of these matters, I cannot and will not condone your methods. 
My advise to you is put away your sword and get a life, before it destroys the one you have now.
Jeff Crase

We're quite aware of one "Watching Brief" on our site and we're more than delighted that it's there because it's carried out by senior members of the Australian Defence Force. The Army Cadets chief even published a warning due to the exposures of two Air Force Cadets staff, here's part of it.
"Any member found wearing decorations for which they have no entitlement can expect to be referred to the applicable Police service for investigation into possible breaches of the Defence Act 1903"
It goes on to mention termination of enrolments and appointments.
That's how genuine Cadets units approach this problem while Crase's organisation actually encourages fraud of this type.
In his reply Crase assumes that we had "an informant", the truth is that there is a line up of ex servicemen and others whom have been offended by his antics and felt it necessary to put a stop to the embarrassing behaviour.  He also says "In no way can our uniform or ranks be confused with the Australian Army uniform or ranks"  The photograph of some of Crase's Legion Officers shown below - although of poor quality - looks like a bunch of Army Officers with their names and ranks listed, what hope would the general public have of recognising the difference, they would see a military uniform with a very colourful
array of campaign medal ribbons.
Crase says he has not worn any Legion medals for about three years - he was certainly wearing fifteen Legion medal ribbons on the 24 April 2005 as is depicted in one of the photos.
Here is a photo of Crase and some of his "medalled up" "Officers".  



Crase also claims to have reported us to a plethora of defence agencies and the Federal Attorney General and asserts we are acquiring information in an illegal manner, all information we gather is in the public domain or covered by witness statements.

Look at the close-up photos of his ribbons bars again and note the text in them, they have an "official" look about them don't they....and where would you think they came from? Not from someone who just happened to spot him marching by, that's for sure. He might find that the agencies and law enforcement have been looking at him rather than bothering about us.
We particularly like his sagacious final sentence. " My advise to you is put away your sword and get a life, before it destroys the one you have now."
The Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth Cadets Unit
On 11 January 2004 at a meeting of the Para Districts National Servicemen's Sub Branch Crase said "The Legion advises and issues intelligence information to Militaries when in conflict, and the Legion has been involved in conflicts throughout the world."  The Crase cadet unit consists of fourteen Officers and eighteen Cadets - a bit top heavy - each Cadet very nearly has one on one supervision. In relation to Crase's comments, do these fourteen officers teach the eighteen cadets to be spies? Is the cadet unit a kindergarten for "spooks"? We think not, and we believe this theme is just another example of his fantasies.  
Crase is under investigation by The Frontiersmen Headquarters in the United Kingdom, it is a bit like trial of a Bedlam inmate by the inmates. Of course The Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth publish Routine Orders, just like real soldiers. Their Routine Orders dated September 2006 show that Crase faces possible libel charges following his accusations of foul play in the organisation.  He immediately published an apology on the grounds that having returned home after hospitalisation, he spent three hours on his computer making and sending emails of his accusations, then deleted them from his computer and cannot remember what he sent .  His apology was not accepted and an official investigation has been launched.
The Head Honcho in the UK  has the knives out. Another amusing anecdote in the Routine Orders is indicative of the mentality of the organization
"9/2/06 Loss of Rank – Colonel D McKinnon, Commandant Western Canada Command reverts to Lieutenant Colonel and issued with a Severe Reprimand for being under the influence of alcohol whilst in uniform and in a public place"   
Crase's behaviour highlights the extent of inappropriate wearing of medals in the various cadet organisations across Australia. In recent times we have uncovered similar behaviour across many sections of cadet activities. This has included Naval Cadets, Army Cadets and Air Force Cadets staff.


"Wing Commander" David Bain, Australian Air Force Cadets wore medals and wings he is not entitled to. 



Warrant Officer Graham Keaton, Australian Air Force Cadets, wore more medals than he is entitled to, in addition to an Infantry Combat Badge (ICB). Besides being not entitled to the ICB, it is not to be worn with RAAF uniform and this fact is clearly stated in the RAAF dress manual, a vital publication his former boss and fellow   wannabe chose to ignore.




 A Navy Cadets Officer was photographed wearing numerous inappropriate medals and badges. His excuse - he was "dressed up" to advertise a book he was writing. Funny though, he was wearing his own nametag for the photograph



Paul Warren McCarthy exhibited bizarre behaviour towards Army Cadets and wore strange ribbons.


 We now have Jeffery J Crase wearing inappropriate ribbons contrary to protocol and good taste in an obvious attempt to portray himself as a medal bedecked hero and an officer and gentleman.  
He is no more than a posing ex- RAAF Sergeant with no overseas or operational service trying to show people that he is something he never was, and could never be - a high ranking military officer and a gentleman. 
To deceive the general populace is one thing, however, to deceive young Australian Cadets who show a keen interest in serving this fine country is another thing.  
Watch out !!!!!!!
The Commandant General of the Countess Mountbattens Own Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth is not happy. 
In the latest issue of Legion Routine Orders he reduced Crase to the rank of frontiersman, stripped him of his Fronty medals and awards and sacked him from the Legion .
The Routine order reads as follows:
Routine Orders Part II - Personnel
"01/03/07 Lieutenant Colonel Jeffery J Crase, Australia Command is reduced in rank to Frontiersman and dismissed from Countess Mountbattens's Own Legion of Frontiersmen for "Conduct unbecoming and Officer" as of 18 February 2007 all Countess Mountbatten's Legion of Frontiersmen awards and decorations held by Crase are null and void as of 18 February 2007."
Wow even a pretend general like the Commandant General of the Countess's Legion can be the very model of a British Major General when the chips are down. Even Messrs Gilbert and Sullivan would chortle at these latest antics.
The "General" said in another Routine Order.
"03/03/07.  The indiscriminate use of the internet by All Ranks to impugn and/or otherwise discredit CMO and/or other Frontiersmen will as at this date, be considered "Conduct Unbecoming" and will be dealt with accordingly by the Commandant General. CMO is a proud uniformed body with battle honours to uphold, not a forum for petty harmful and counterproductive gossip.  Frontiersmen unwilling or unable to abide by this code are invited to depart the ranks  of my Professionals for venues more to their liking"
Even the "Generals"  in this mob are deluded - Battle Honours to uphold!   What battle honours? My Professionals! Professional what
To illustrate how far this nonsense can go, below is a biography of the late His Serene Highness General Jamie Craik of Assington.     Craik featured in the Hale story on our site and was a Fronty and a  Self Made Serene Royal Highness:


We would like to see the Countesse's Own Legion of Frontiersmen dispense with their militarism, stop pretending to be soldiers and use their people to do worthwhile community work without pretending to be something they could never be.
If they want to be soldiers - sailors or airmen they should join either the Reserve Forces or  the full time forces of their respective countries.
Crase could never achieve commissioned rank in the Royal Australian Air Force, but at one stage as a Frontiersman he wore the pretend rank of an Army Brigadier.  His sacking from the "Frontys"  make it obvious  that Crase could not even hold the pretend rank bestowed on him by the pretend soldiers of the Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth.
Grow up the bloody lot of you. 

  3 May 2007

We are advised that Crase has support from some of  the Adelaide veteran community possibly because of his involvement with youth through his Cadet Unit. We would ask these veterans to give the matter a little thought.  His behaviour in craving to be seen wearing unearned high rank and many fake medals is not behaviour  expected from a leader of our youth. Perhaps these veteran supporters could email our "Guestbook" and tell us why Crase deserves the support of genuine veterans.
The Funk and Wagnall's dictionary definition of a megalomaniac is as follows:
"A mental disorder in which the subject thinks himself great or exalted. A tendency to magnify and exaggerate"
This definition could fit an ex RAAF Sergeant who dresses up and marches on ANZAC day as a high ranking military officer with a chest full of worthless medals.  Imagine what kind of message  this behaviour instills into the impressionable minds of youngsters who look up to this person as their leader
Crase supporters should also consider this: 
Perhaps Crase is involved with "his" Cadets so he can wear a pseudo high rank on a military uniform, together with a gaggle of medals, irrespective of their worth. The welfare of youth is simply a red herring, to mask his strange personality trait. He has a captive group of Cadets to venerate his high rank and medals.
The general public would have no idea that Crase is  faking his military persona and would respect his rank and medals on ANZAC days because they do not  know any difference.   Those misguided Adelaide veterans who support him, have no such defence.
In short, Crase, the military martinet, has created a world where he can get the adoration that his personality craves. Such a warped personality should not be involved with a Cadet unit .
Crase is no longer affiliated with any part of the Legion of Frontiersmen. He was severed from the Australian Division on 23 April 2002 then stripped of his rank and medals and cashiered from the Commonwealth Division on the 18th February 2007 for "Conduct unbecoming an Officer", we assume Crase has now created his own little "Army" to continue his bizarre behaviour.
Crase said in a recent email  "All of the information about him on our web site was inaccurate or just plain made up"  We ask Mr Crase what information is "inaccurate" and which parts are "made up". There is so much more we could detail about Crase, like:  
1. Brandishing his service pistol when confronted by a person he had offended.
Surname: Crick
Christian Names: Thomas Edward
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Perth
Service #: N260378 and NX 162731
Service: Army
Branch: RAEME
Commencement of service: 13 Oct 41
Completion of service: 16 Oct 46
Case Notes:




Tom Crick is a World War Two Veteran aged  Ninety Three years.  For many years he has been telling family of his World War Two adventures.  His wife, over the years has documented his tales of derring do.  The tales were presented to the Western Australia RSL Headquarters who naively published a synopsis in the June 2015 edition of their Newsletter  "The Listening Post".  Here is what was published.

The story is all "bunkum", Crick is a liar a fraud and a wannabe. Her has lied about his status prior to joining the Army and his war service is a complete fabrication.

Interrupted University of Sydney Studies Pharmaceutical Studies in 1940

In 1940 Crick was a Chemical Warehouseman. He did not achieve any secondary education  qualifications whatsoever and went nowhere near the Sydney University. See extract from his enlistment Attestation Form.

Ultimately joined the 2/4 Commando Regiment "Z" Force in NSW

Crick never at any stage served as a Commando or any other "combat" type of Army unit. He spent from October 1941 to December 1942 as a Clerk in various Ordnance Units, then transferred to the Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineers where he served as an Armourer until his discharge as a Craftsman (equivalent of Private soldier)  in 1946.

Became Lieutenant Thomas Edward Crick and led his men to Malaysia and Singapore where they were captured. 

 Crick was never more than a Craftsman which is the equivalent of a Private Soldier. From this point in the article it is all "boys own" fiction. Here is his Discharge Form clearly showing his rank of Craftsman which is written on the top right as "CFN" 

Crick did serve overseas during the war but it was as an Armourer in Moratai and Ambon in Indonesia.  It was mundane, but important service similar to that done by most Australian Logistics Soldiers during World War Two.

The article mentions:

Escaping from Japanese Prisoner of War Camp

Boat journey to Timor

Stealing Dutch Gold

Liberating Japanese Prisoner of War Camps

Tracking down War Criminals

All of that is bunkum.

We are somewhat amazed that a State RSL Headquarters should place such an obviously flawed story in its Newsletter.  When the RSL was advised of their naivety the story  was quickly removed from the publication with the promise of an explanation to be published in the next issue.

Despite his age we have no compunctions in publishing this exposure. Crick has been telling his lies for years and it is important for his posterity that his true military history is known.

We reiterate, if you are a wannabe or tell lies about your military history you are very likely to be reported and included on this web site.'

Welcome Thomas Edward Crick of Perth aged 93 years.

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