Surname: Jones
Christian Names: Clinton
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Kallangur
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:

Clinton Jones of Kallangur, Queensland is featured on an Ex Service Organization (ESO) web site as “Welfare & DVA Claims Officer in Training”

Welfare & DVA Claims Officer's (sic) in training 

Clinton JonesWelfare Officer (Iraq & East Timor veteran)



Welfare & DVA Claims Officer's in trainingClinton JonesWelfare Officer (Iraq & East Timor veteran)Jones served with 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR) contingent during the 2007/2008, six months Overwatch Battle Group W4 (OBG W4)deployment to Iraq. The “Young Diggers” ESO knows well that Jones has lied about his Iraq military service, yet they continue to feature him on their web site as a Welfare and DVA Claims Officer.

Clinton Jones came to our attention because of the wrath of those he served with in Iraq who branded him a liar because of what was written in the Australian newspaper and subsequently copied to a “Pet Industry” news publication. The article dated 19 April 2012 in the Australian Newspaper has been removed from their web site, however the Pet Industry news publication, copied from the Australian Newspaper is still available, see below:

Jones claims to be mentally damaged because of his Iraq service. He blames his illness on “Gun battles with insurgents and on seeing his best friend killed by a roadside bomb. Simply put, neither Jones nor his unit were ever involved in gun battles with insurgents, nor was any member of his unit ever killed by a roadside bomb. We hope that Jones has not used these “incidents” in his claims to Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) as they are blatant lies. 
Below are excerpts from emails received from soldiers who served with Jones in Iraq.
"The story is of the actions and service of an individual by the name of Clinton Jones who has been a recipient of an assistance dog via the Young Diggers organization.
The story is going viral via facebook as many members of Mr Jones's battalion (6RAR) who served along side Mr Jones in Iraq are upset that his claims of "Gun Battles" with insurgents and seeing a mate killed by an IED are a fabrication. No soldiers were killed in Iraq by IED's and there were no gun battles with insurgents.
Mr Jones may be receiving benefits he is not entitled to and taking resources which are few from those in real need.”
"To whom it may concern,
My name is ***********  and I served in 6RAR from ***** 2007 and discharged in ***** 2010. I’m writing in reference to a newspaper article some fellow 6 RAR members had posted on facebook regarding an ex-fellow member talking about battles with insurgents, the death of a close friend by an IED and 290 days served (during a 6 month deployment).
 I was on the same deployment as Clinton Jones, from memory he was in Combat Team Heeler (sic) (6 RAR Alpha Coy) at the time. From what I’ve known of Clinton Jones he is a compulsive liar in general conversation, never did I or anyone else expect to read an article detailing battles with insurgents and it doesn’t take a detective to realise that during the entire Australian Troop commitment to Iraq to date with the exception of Private Jacob Kovco was there an Australian KIA.  From my knowledge I am not aware of any “Battles with Insurgents” during my trip.  If you could look into this it would be appreciated as he could very well be receiving entitlements etc. This is of particular concern considering the obvious legitimate scars, injuries and deaths the ADF are currently experiencing."

The need for the “Young Diggers” organization to condone and welcome a liar and blatant “lily gilder” is more proof of the ineffectual and inappropriate way that some ESOs conduct business. Jones is also featured on the Young Diggers web site in a News video of April 2012. Again Jones plays the part of a digger damaged by combat.   
We are reliably advised that Jones is unlikely to be invited to any 6RAR Association events because of his abhorrent behaviour.
We are aware that individuals from the Department of Veterans Affairs read our web site and we are confident that Jones’s claims for benefits will be reviewed
Those, Jones served with in Iraq, are incensed by Jones’s lies and were quick to seek our assistance. Because Clinton Jones has chosen to publicly and grossly exaggerate his experience in Iraq, we have chosen to feature him on our web site as a liar and a fraud.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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