Date of Entry: 26/05/2019
Surname: Crosby
Christian Names: Gary F.
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Logan
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Case Notes:


Update Gary Crosby

Gary Crosby unfortunately put on the wrong medal and wore it to a Motorcycle Club function, where he was photographed and reported to ANZMI. Here is what he said:

"I did accidentally put the wrong medal on that morning and as soon as one of my mate(sic) told me it wasn't the Lib of K which I didn't even look at I took it off, as both those medals sit side by side on my book shelf. This could impact my career as teacher and DVA status etc. in which I've just applied for after 25 years of never claiming, I have never claimed to be anything I am not, I served and I don't like cheats and impostors. Please explain how I reach the requirements to be label as one, for a stuff up in the morning"

regards Gary Crosby"

Crosby will remain on this website site and Veterans will judge the extent of his offence. His association with DVA will not be affected by this matter and we suggest that he get his medals properly mounted to alleviate any further careless acts.


It behoves veterans to be aware of medals protocols, otherwise they will be reported by fellow veterans and shown on this website. Gary F Crosby wears an unauthorized medal instead of the official medal for his service in the Gulf War.

Crosby served on HMAS Westralia in the Persian Gulf in 1990 - 1991 during the Liberation of Kuwait. For that service he is wearing the unathorized Kuwait Liberation Medal

The medal is not on the Australian Governor General's list of foreign medals approved to be worn

Accepting and wearing of Foreign awards by Australians

In August 2012, Her Majesty The Queen approved the replacement of the 1997 ‘Guidelines concerning the acceptance and wearing of Foreign Awards by Australians’. The new Guidelines are substantially similar to the 1997 Guidelines, however, they enable the Governor-General to determine whether Australian Citizens may accept and wear foreign awards on the basis of advice from the Prime Minister in the form of a schedule of approved countries and awards.

For the Schedule of Approved Countries and Awards. See here:

It is also noted that Crosby is wearing the non approved medal with the ribbon upside down.

Crosby is most likely authorized to wear the Saudi Arabian Liberation of Kuwait medal, but chooses not to.

His offence appears to be one of ignorance, rather than fraud, and it is suggested that he contact Honours and Awards and establish his proper entitlement and then meet with a competent medal mounter and become legitimate.

Anthony Fraser is another Sailor on this website from the Gulf War who chose to wear this unauthorized medal.

If you have served on overseas Defence operations you must wear only authorized medals and definitely, do not wear unauthorized medals with the ribbon upside down.

Crosby has achieved the criterion to be listed on this website.


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