Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Johnson
Christian Names: Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: Vic
City or Town: Melbourne
Service #: Unknown
Service: Claims NS
Branch: RAF
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:




Charles Johnson claims compulsory United Kingdom National Service in the Royal Air Force.

He was photographed at the 2014 Melbourne Anzac Day March wearing three medals.  His photograph was then used in an advertisement for the 2015 100th Anniversary of Gallipoli by a Tourist organisation called  "Public Holidays Australia" Melbourne.  Photo below.

Johnson wears his beret with the RAF hat badge.  He also wears the following medals -;

1.  The United Kingdom General Service Cross. Tin commemorative medal purchased.

2. The United Kingdom Conscripted Service Medal. Tin commemorative medal. Purchased.

3. The Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal 2002. Tin commemorative medal. Purchased.

The General Service Cross

The General Service Cross is a tin commemorative medal that is intended to signify those men and women who have given service to Britain and the British Commonwealth during hostilities and in Peacetime and whose service has gone unrecognised. The Medal Dealer site states "By not serving in a war zone and not serving long enough for a Long Service medal many serving members go unrecognised".

This medal can be purchased for 65 pounds sterling.

The UK Conscripted Service Medal

The National Service Medal is an unofficial commemorative medal sold by Award Productions Ltd. and co-sponsored by the Royal British Legion. The medal is intended to recognize those who served as National Service conscripts for the United Kingdom between 1939 and 1960. Some of the proceeds from sale of the medals goes to the poppy appeal. As it is not an official medal it should not be worn. (Wikipedia)

The Queen Elizabeth Jubilee medal 2002 below is a tin commemorative medal to signify any person who has served their country in any role during the reign of 50 years of Queen Elizabeth 11.  It can be purchased for 42 pounds sterling.

Johnson obviously has not been awarded any official medals.  Otherwise he would be wearing them on such an important day as Anzac Day 2014.   

We did not confirm his claimed RAF service.  His medals tell a story on their own.  They are all commemorative purchased tin that should not be worn on the left side.

It is unfortunate that the Melbourne Tourist organisation "Public Holidays Australia",  chose to photograph and publish a UK medal cheat to advertise the centenary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand Forces at Gallipoli.

They could have chosen a genuine World War 2 veteran or a child wearing his/her grandparents/great grandparents medals at the same march. 

We have had a lot of reports regarding this particular photo of Charles Johnson wearing unofficial medals at an Anzac Day march.   Genuine veterans can pick  a medals cheat out easily.  They stand out in a crowd.  Our advice to "Public Holidays Australia" is to get the photo of this imposter off your brochures and replace him with a genuine veteran or a child with ancestor's medals.

You have treated this most significant event with apathy and disrespect.  You should take more interest and care when dealing with important issues of this magnitude.

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