Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Johnson
Christian Names: Jack
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Gulargambone
Service #: Nil (Possibly Cadets)
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:




Well, here we go again. Jack Johnson, yet another example of a ‘wannabe’ claiming to be something he is not. Johnson’s impressive array of medals suggests some extensive time overseas in a number of the World’s hot spots. The only problem is Jack Johnson is a fraud. He has no operational service, in fact he has no military service at all under the name Jack Johnson, yet he has the audacity to turn up to ANZAC Day 2014 at the NSW country town of Gulargambone wearing a chest full of medals he has no entitlement to wear. He has also the impertinence to claim to be ‘a disabled veteran’, an example of how low this individual will go to deceive the community.

If his objective was to have more medals than everyone else at the service, well he won that competition hands down but the trouble is, Johnson (if that is indeed his real name) is the worst kind of contemptible ‘wannabe’ because he didn’t even bother to research the medals he was wearing. If he did, he might have discovered that this ‘rack’ makes no sense whatsoever.

Yes, Jack Johnson certainly cuts a fine figure as the decorated veteran as he struts his stuff along the street, leading the fair dinkum Veterans of Gulargambone in the ANZAC Day March.

As you can see he wears an impressive array of Australian and United Nations awards, as well as the coveted Infantry Combat Badge (ICB).

What could possibly be wrong we hear you ask? Well, even a cursory glance at his ‘rack’ should have the alarm bells ringing.

He is wearing:

ICB (Infantry Combat badge) (No Entitlement)

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with five or six clasps (No Entitlement)
INTERFET Medal (No Entitlement)
Timor Leste Solidarity Medal (TLSM) (No Entitlement)

What appear to be an array United Nations Medals, suggesting service with the UN in the following UN Missions, all of which he has no entitlement to:

UN ‘Sudan’
UN ‘Cambodia’
UN ‘Rwanda’
UN ‘Timor Leste’ (UNMIT)
UN ‘Special Service Medal’

The last medal he is wearing is the:

MFO Medal (Multi National Force and Observers (Sinai) (No Entitlement)

Irrespective of the order the medals appear, Jack Johnson has no entitlement to any of the medals he is wearing.

Now, if Jack had done even half of the things that his medal rack suggests, he would have had to be a member of the Army for quite a few years.

Note that his medal ‘rack’ is devoid of any Long Service Medals? Perhaps his subterfuge would be more believable if he displayed the Defence Force Service Medal (DFSM), Australian Defence Medal (ADM) or maybe even a National Medal? The quality of Court Mounting of the medals he wears also leaves a lot to be desired.

While we cannot find any evidence which supports Jack Johnson’s eligibility to wear any of the medals he claims, fortunately he has a mate named ‘mouse’ who was prepared to support him when Jack’s status as a veteran was challenged a while back on another website:

‘Mouse’ is a very hard person to track down, in fact we do not think he exists. In the context of the post concerning Johnson, it is clear that ‘Mouse’ is in fact yet another alias used by Jack Johnson.

Jack Johnson is a charlatan, a contemptible wannabe with no entitlement to wear either the ICB or medals he claims. Not only is he a medals cheat, he also steals the valour of the real ex-servicemen who do travel to Cambodia and clear mines. Jack Johnson is not, or has never been a member of the Vietnam Veterans Mine Clearing Team – Cambodia Inc. The exceptional work this group has done can be found on their website.

‘Bombers Story’ as ‘Mouse’ would like us to believe focused on Jack Johnson when in fact, the ABC’s Australian Story report was about Tony "Bomber" Bower-Miles, a true hero and genuine veteran. There was no mention of ‘Jack Johnson’ in that story. In fact, the group have never heard of him. Jack Johnson is a valour thief of the lowest type, stealing the honour due to the real heroes, the genuine members of the Vietnam Veterans Mine Clearing Team – Cambodia Inc.

The dilemma facing most wannabes is once the lie starts, how do you keep your story on track. That is the reason the movie industry engage continuity specialists.

Alas, Jack Johnson has lost track of his story, so much so that it just makes no sense at all.

How can Johnson expect anyone to take him seriously when he wears medals suggesting Defence Force service from the mid 1980’s onward, when he also tries to claim service around the time of the Vietnam conflict.

Here is a photograph of young Jack Johnson as posted by him on his Facebook page.

Here is Jack’s comment about the picture.

Note, (in his words) he says:

‘Not quiet eh, had to be 18 to vote last of the boy soldiers I joined at 16 and 9 months 3 months basic at trade school (infantry training centre Singleton) selected due to skills (I grew up in the bush and could track and hunt) and then got to play with the boys, 3-4 weeks before my 18th birthday here showing two rounds left and the follower just visible been at it all day, my first day in combat, on the chook going back to base, we done ok eh..took no casualties that day, a good to be a troop..40 years later..not so young eh.’

Now to try and explain Jack’s dilemma, particularly for those readers who may not be as familiar with the Defence Forces as an ex-serviceman would be.

The image depicts young Jack Johnson wearing a uniform that was worn by Australian soldiers in Vietnam, known as ‘jungle greens’ or just ‘greens’ they were phased out of the Army in 1986 when the current Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform – DPCU was introduced. Johnson is clearly claiming to have been in combat so he can only be claiming service in Vietnam (his reference to 40 years later). By his own admission, he was born in 1957 and as we know to be fact, the last Australian combat troops came home from Vietnam in December 1972 and Australia's participation in the war was formally declared at an end when the Governor-General issued a proclamation on 11 January 1973. That would have made Jack Johnson 15 years old so clearly he is lying about having experienced combat, and could not have possibly served in Vietnam.

If the image he claims to be him, it is most likely taken as a member of a Cadet Unit, maybe even during his early years in the Army (assuming he served – but not as Jack Johnson) but it is definitely not a ‘combat’ shot as he clearly and unequivocally claims on his Facebook site.

Again, Jack Johnson of Gulargambone is a nothing more than a lying wannabe who has not only disgraced himself by pretending to be something he is not, a genuine veteran but he has also committed offences against the Commonwealth of Australia. By his actions, he has committed the following offences for which he should be prosecuted:

Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:
(a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman; and
(b) the representation is false.
Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

Improper use of service decorations
(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:
(a) the person wears a service decoration; and
(b) the person is not the person on whom the decoration was conferred.
Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

Let us hope that the local police take an interest in this shameful wannabe and take the appropriate action to put him before the Court.

There is a bit more to the Jack Johnson Story, if indeed Jack Johnson is his real name.

The people of Gulargambone know ‘Jack’ as Jack Johnson, owner of the Gulargambone Axe and Knife Company. Indeed, Jack has established quiet a name for himself with this endeavour but there is also another side to Jack.

In a previous ‘life’ Jack was known as Jack Zedee. Resident of the Sydney suburb of Lakemba.

In the guise of Jack Zedee, our Jack Johnson was quiet an advocate for the anti-Muslim campaigners and member of the far-right Australian Protectionist Party (APP). Unfortunately it appears Jack’s views were too extreme for the APP and it is reported that he was ejected from that organisation.

The purpose here is not to comment on Jack Johnson’s (aka Zedee) political leanings. However a simple Google search of the name Jack Zedee will bring up a series of reports about his activities in Lakemba dating back to 2010. These reports simply serve to put more and more holes into Jack Johnson’s military service timeline.

Here is another interesting piece from his Facebook page. You will note that he is heavily involved in defending his particular political views, but the interesting post for us is the last one in which he claims service in East Timor.

We note that he wears the Timor Leste Solidarity Medal (TLSM) on his rack of medals, incorrectly mounted as third from the front when in fact it should be the last medal, but that is a minor point. The TLSM recognises service in Timor Leste from 1 May 2006 and is awarded with the Australian Service Medal (ASM). It is clear that Johnson is not wearing an ASM and his entitlement to the TLSM, let alone the ASM with clasp ‘Timor Leste’ is very doubtful. Further shooting holes on Jack’s timeline is his Facebook Page where he tells us he left the Army in 2005.

Jack Johnson of Gulargambone (aka Jack Zedee of Lakemba) is a very elusive person indeed. We made contact with Mr Johnson and in fairness to him, asked him to explain the medals he was photographed wearing on ANZAC Day.

We thought the question was simple enough, we asked him to provide us with any piece of information that might support his story of being a decorated veteran. We received nothing. After making contact with Mr Johnson and giving him the opportunity to explain his actual service, he decided to reply via no less than six emails, which were abusive, threatening and at best were full of complete rubbish. At no time, was Johnson prepared to provide any evidence which would support is outrageous claims of operational service. Here is an example of the eloquent replies we received from Johnson to our very simple question:

Jack Johnson (aka Jack Zedee) is a complete fraud and nothing more than a stupid wannabe. By his own admission, and substantiated by evidence we have found, Jack Johnson is not averse to changing his name when things get tough so it is very possible that Johnson may been in the Army under another name, he refuses to confirm this however we are in no doubt that if he did serve in the Defence Force, that service was significantly less impressive than the medals he wears suggests.

If the medals worn by Johnson were to be believed he would be among the most highly decorated soldiers in Australia and suggest he has served in every major mission or operation involving the Australian Defence Forces in the past thirty years. If this were true, you would think someone would know him, but alas like most wannabe’s, he is only a legend in his own mind.

UPDATE - JOHNSON 12 June 2014

It is not often we are wrong with an exposure, but when we are ANZMI is more than happy to correct the error.

In our recent exposure of ‘Jack’ Johnson (aka Jack Zedee), we referred to him as a ‘stupid wannabe’ but Jack Johnson is not stupid, he is a cunning, deceitful deserter who couldn’t cut it in the Army and whose lies know no bounds.

In our initial exposure we were unable to locate any form of service record for Jack Johnson, nor was he willing to offer any information to confirm he was a former soldier when we contacted him.

While the array of medals he was photographed wearing suggested he was some sort of ‘medal groupie’, we have since learnt the sinister side to the Jack Johnson story.

Jack Johnson is actually John Johnson, who served with 3RAR (4 Platoon, Number 2 Rifleman) in the 1980’s. While serving with 3RAR, Johnson was given the nickname, ‘TOTS’ (Teller of Tall Stories).

As suggested in our original exposure, Johnson’s service was less than distinguished. In fact, he didn’t stick around to finish his service in the Army and was reported Absent Without Leave (AWOL). After three months AWOL he was automatically discharged in absentia as an illegal absentee.

Johnson’s fraud committed on ANZAC Day 2014 at Gulargambone was not the first time he donned the medals he had no entitlement to, below is an image taken of Johnson participating in an earlier ANZAC Day March at Dapto, NSW.

Not only is he wearing his rack of fake medals, but has also worn the regimental tie for good measure.

We have evidence that clearly shows Johnson is nothing more than a contemptible wannabe. During his less than distinguished service, Johnson made a number of farfetched claims which included claiming to have gone to PNG during his BRL, (Annual Leave), to train West Papuan OPM rebels, and after he trained them he would supposedly lead them on ambushes of Indonesian forces. Obviously a complete lie.

Those who knew him in 3RAR describe him as an average soldier, but considered pathetic by most of the soldiers in the Battalion.

Now after all that, you would think that a deserter like Johnson would have kept a low profile. We have already explained how in the guise of Jack Zedee, our man took on the Muslim community but guess what, there is more.

Our John Johnson is the same person responsible for the release of a series of alleged nude photographs of Pauline Hanson in 2009. The actions of this idiot caused significant distress to Ms Hanson at the time and impacted upon her bid for election. The story was reported in the Daily Telegraph and many other publications and media outlets at the time:

The report also looked at Johnson’s supposed service in the Army, and as we know, every story he utters is a lie:

The full version of the story can be found at:

Thank you to the numerous readers of this website who contacted us about this charlatan, and to those who provided information about the medals being illegally worn by Johnson. We inadvertently identified the third medal as the Timor Leste Solidarity Medal (TLSM) and although the ribbon appears to be that of the TLSM, the medal definitely is not. Notwithstanding the identity of the medals, we know he has no entitlement to any of them.

We were contacted by John Johnson who offered to send us his fake medals, telling us that he will never wear them again. He was told, in no uncertain terms that we did not want his fake rack of replicas, but an apology was needed to be given to the entire Veteran community. Begrudgingly, the following email was received.

This is the story of Jack Johnson, aka John Johnson, aka Jack Zedee, a genuine medals cheat.

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