Surname: Hamilton
Christian Names: Terry
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Terry HAMILTON Vice President of the North West National Servicemen's Association saw him beaming at the Courier Mail press camera at the ANZAC Day 2013 march in Queensland whilst wearing on his left breast the commemoration Anniversary of National Service Medal 1951-72, the Australian Defence Medal and a purchased bit of scrap metal on sale from unscrupulous dealers denoting National Service. 


The third medal from the left is the point in issue, purchased for around $60 and making lots of money for some clever crook who holds absolutely no sense of honour and propriety.

Of great concern is the fact that a senior executive of the National Servicemen's Association (a Sub Branch Vice President) would so blatantly dishonour himself and his minions by wearing a purchased piece of tat by parading on this day of days in such a disrespectful manner - is it any wonder this organization has so many detractors?

Terry HAMILTON - welcome to the Tin Medals page.

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