Surname: Crane
Christian Names: Rex
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

Rex Crane, liar, fraud, wannabe and criminal

Rex Crane has received a lot of media attention over the past year; yesterday he was sentenced to prison, however, yesterday’s news is soon forgotten.


It is our duty to keep the story of Rex Crane in full public view, to illustrate the actions of the worst ever wannabe, fraud and liar in terms of monetary theft uncovered in Australia. 

This exposure also illustrates the failings of the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) who were duped by Crane's criminal activities. A similar example of DVA’s incompetence is here

Brain, just like Crane stole thousands of taxpayer’s money by fooling DVA into believing he was a Veteran, but it gets worse, our justice system deigned to give Brain no more than a limp slap on the wrist, in the same way it has given Rex Crane a monumentally inadequate sentence for stealing $690,000 from taxpayers. Crane was sentenced to four years jail, which is to be suspended after serving six months, he was also ordered to pay back the money that he stole, but at the age of 84 years it is something he will never do.


Notice in the first photograph that Crane is wearing a Jacket showing the motif of the ex Prisoners of War Association.  Here is a photograph of a badge from which the motif is designed. The blazer shows that Crane liked to proudly falsely advertise that he was an ex Prisoner of War.

Crane’s false and non existent military history would have prevailed for his posterity, if not for the actions of well known Australian author and military historian Lynette Ramsey Silver. Lynette is much admired by genuine Veterans for her work.  Lynette’s web site is here:  

Following are the press releases that tell the Crane story.  Read how Crane was discovered in October 2009

Read below the final episode when Crane pleaded guilty and was sentenced.   

One report says sympathetically, that Crane was a "prisoner of his own lies", what garbage, he is no more than a criminal and chronic liar who could have ceased his deception at any time during the last forty years.

No amount of contrition will earn Rex Crane a pardon from the Veteran community of Australia.  From this day on his only mates will be his fellow inmates in the Queensland Jail system. 

Now that Rex Crane’s military history has been corrected, he will be remembered as a fraud, liar, wannabe and convicted criminal. 

The one good thing that Crane has done is raise awareness in Australia of the presence of such people in the Veteran community.  Unless money is involved, Law enforcement, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Justice system don’t give a damn about wannabes, even though it is an offence against the Defence Act, to falsely pretend to be a veteran or to wear false medals. The maximum penalty for each of these offences is a $3,300 fine or six months in jail or both.

Here we have Rex Crane falsely claiming to be a veteran, wearing false medals and stealing $690,000 from taxpayers and what sentence does he get – six months jail.

If it wasn’t for people like Lynette Ramsey Silver and our organisation, fraud in the veteran community would be very extensive. Even though we hand all the evidence for offences against the Defence Act to Law enforcement they simply don't give a damn.

Despite the attitude of government departments, ANZMI relentlessly pursues wannabes without fear or favour. All reports concerning wannabes are treated with absolute confidentiality at ANZMI and all suspects will be investigated.  

And by the way, we have another false Prisoner of War on our web site, although as far as we know, he didn't steal from the public purse his behaviour was just as infamous as Crane, see the entry on Victor Edward George Lyons who murdered the "Boy Bastard", here:


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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