Surname: Cooper
Christian Names: Barry Arnold
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Woodlands
Service: Army
Branch: National Service
Commencement of service: 1955
Case Notes:

5/17609 Barry Arnold COOPER, date of birth 21 June, 1940 of Woodlands Western Australia completed National Service in 1958-59 and joined the Citizen Military Forces (CMF) till 1960.


Barry Cooper enlisted for National Service with 17 National Service Training Company at Swanbourne W.A. on 12 August 1958 and allotted to the 11/44 Infantry Battalion. On completing his National Service obligation he was discharged from National Service and transferred to 1 Royal West Australia Regiment (RWAR) CMF till he was discharged on 24 November 1960 at his own request.


On 25 July 1957 the Australian Special Air Service (SAS) Company was formed and based at Campbell Barracks Swanbourne which is where Barry Cooper did his National Service Training and most likely at times came in contact with members of the SAS Company and learnt some information about their roll and tasks.

We received a Statutory Declaration stating that Barry Arnold Cooper claimed to have served with the Australian SAS. We also received other information that will not be put on this site as yet which backs up the Statutory Declaration.

The content of the Statutory Declaration is;

“Barry Arnold COOPER told me that he served with the Australian Army in Vietnam as a qualified SAS Operative. He also said he never saw any military action, as a result of him being stationed in various towns in Vietnam far from direct enemy contact”

The Australian SAS was stationed at Nui Dat during its time in South Vietnam and was never deployed in various towns. Its task was patrolling the jungles to gather intelligence by carrying out reconnaissance and ambush patrols for the Australian Task Force Headquarters also at Nui Dat.

Barry Cooper obviously has little knowledge about the SAS or how it operated. He apparently was not satisfied with just his National Service and CMF service and has been telling people for a number of years that he had served in the Australian SAS in South Vietnam to impress people especially women he met.

Barry Cooper by claiming to be a member of an elite unit, you have brought shame on yourself and family as well as showing no respect to the members of the Australian SAS, a highly decorated unit now with two Victoria Cross winners from the war in Afghanistan.

You will now pay the price for your lies and deception and be shamed on our web site.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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